A Treasure Map for Your Business: Create Your One-Page Strategic Marketing Plan

One Page Marketing Strategy

Do I really need yet another strategic document for my business?!

Yes. You do. But this may be the last one you’ll ever need! Because this one rocks!

This one will drive your business on the road from We’reAllOverthePlaceVille to Success City. This is the roadmap that will get you to your dream destination – business success!

Even better, like an old-fashioned treasure map, this one is just one page (and is much less wrinkled).

This is the One Page Strategic Marketing Plan (but you can keep calling it a Treasure Map, because following it will bring you business gold).

Here are the 5 reasons you need it:

  1. Helps you focus your energy on driving your business forward.
  2. Weeds out non-essential marketing opportunities.
  3. Prioritizes your marketing budget.
  4. Gets all staff and partners aligned on common objectives.
  5. Sets the quantitative goals by which to measure your marketing tactics.

One Page Strategic Marketing Plan by 3to5 Marketing

You can download my version here – OnePageStrategicPlan. Put it up on your wall or white board. Gather the troops and have at it! And don’t forget your BHAG (big hairy audacious goal).

For more detail on the individual elements of a strategic marketing plan, Dave Lavinsky writes a great post over at Forbes.com.

Now, go find your treasure!