How to Run a Business – in 12 Simple Steps | Surprisingly Smart “Must-Do’s” From a Young Mind

Optimize your workplace mission in 12 simple stepsMy 11-year old twins and a friend came into the office the other day, after hours. Whenever they can, they love to “play office”, which involves things like writing any and all thoughts on the whiteboard wall, making Powerpoints crammed with unusual clip art, rolling around on the swivel chairs, “leading meetings” from the conference table, and xeroxing non-paper objects.

While the others haggled over who got the red erasable marker, one of my daughters went off and wrote her work “to-do” list. Looking at it later, I realized that it’s a surprisingly wise and strategic compendium of business objectives and tasks, which if followed, will ensure workplace success:

J. G.’s To Do List

  1. Make them listen to me.
  2. Figure out what the company does.
  3. Get party organizer.
  4. Organize fundraiser.
  5. Make computer work.
  6. Ignore their fighting.
  7. Actually do my job.
  8. Have an opinion.
  9. Talk.
  10. Remind them that I’m not 21 yet.
  11. Give ideas.
  12. Go home.

In other words, 12 simple steps to create a successful business: know your company mission, raise funds, brainstorm, have an opinion, communicate it, act your age, do the job, ignore petty distractions, make sure your technology works, and of course, celebrate your successes and don’t forget to go home.