11 Tasks You Can Assign to Your E-Commerce Virtual Assistant

Are Virtual Assistant Services an escape to run e-commerce business effortlessly? We know e-commerce business means dealing with products, promotions, shipping, invoices, and customer support.

We know as a business owner, you invest your time, efforts, and resources towards the growth of your business. In this pandemic, situations have raised the demand for online services. Customers expect everything to be perfect, ranging from your User-Experience to the checkout process.

What are the expected skills in a Virtual Assistant?

  • They should have sharp research skills to keep an eye on every opportunity in the digital market. Collect data and analyze it to get insights for your e-commerce business.
  • A virtual assistant must know about inventory management. They should be capable of maintaining a balance, as there should not be excess or deficit of products in the inventory.
  • Another critical skill to look for is being aware of the SEO trends and expectations of search engines.
  • The vital part of running an e-commerce business is providing customer support and satisfaction with your services.

List of tasks you can assign to the Virtual Assistants:

1.     Blog Writing

Search engines believe that “Content is the KING.” It is the easiest and affordable method to generate organic traffic on your platforms. SEO-friendly content will be the critical factor in gaining higher rankings and generating potential leads on your e-commerce store. Things that virtual Assistant will ensure while adding the content:

  • Add relevant keywords
  • Perform deep research on your competitors
  • Make the content unique and informative
  • Engage customers for a longer interval

2.     Search Engine Optimization

If you do not focus on making your content perfect as per the SEO guidelines, all your digital marketing efforts will waste time and resources. You know how essential it is to reach the top ranks on the SERPs. They are the center of attraction when users look for answers.

It takes time and knowledge, which can be achieved easily with the help of virtual assistant services. They have the skills to handle tasks like:

  • Keyword research based on recent trends and search engine algorithms
  • Link building
  • Set backlinks for the website

This may appear easy, but you need to understand the whole process of making your e-commerce store SEO-friendly. At the same time, virtual assistants have the expertise to assess your business and marketplace. They will apply the right strategies to attain the top position on the search engines.

3.     Social Media Monitoring

When you have an online presence on multiple social media platforms, knowing what people are talking about you is vital. Virtual Assistants can help in social media monitoring to understand the positive and negative sectors of your business.

This will give you insights to focus on to grow your e-commerce store. They are capable of talking with unsatisfied customers and providing them with a better solution. This helps to create a positive impact on your business in the social media network.

4.     Accounting

This is the most stressful job for e-commerce stores. It needs to be perfect and regularly updated. Even a single error can lead to losses, and you might know that. A Virtual Assistant is an accounting expert, which means they will handle this task seamlessly. Some jobs you can assign them are:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Prepare invoices (check invoice generator)
  • Send payments
  • Pay bills
  • Tax services
  • Financial Management

5.     Newsletter Services

You can get Virtual Assistant Newsletters for your business. They will access your newsletter to make the proper updates. They can be creative with the newsletter:

  • Consider the right font style
  • The perfect color palette
  • Headings and bullets
  • Website images
  • Links or Redirections

They will ensure that your newsletter has the correct details and reaches the audience at the perfect time. These minor details can affect your conversion rate.

6.     Website Maintenance

After you have built an e-commerce website, the most critical task is to maintain consistency. Virtual Assistant has the proper knowledge to ensure you deliver a seamless experience on your platform. Some Virtual Assistant Services for e-commerce store maintenance are:

  • Update website content if you update price, services, or products
  • Check for broken links
  • Format images for the best quality
  • Keep an eye on the copyright to ensure it is current
  • Add the latest updates about your business
  • Work on relevant blog content if needed

7.     Customer Support

While running an e-commerce store, it is essential to provide customer satisfaction. That is a time-consuming job and needs full attention. The right virtual Assistant has customer service skills to handle every task. They have the experience to answer their queries through phone, chat, social media platforms or email at their convenience.

8.     Handle Shipments and Deliveries

Online stores deal with delivering products and services to consumers efficiently. Some Virtual Assistant Services that you can expect while handling your deliverables are:

  • Ensure on-time delivery
  • Customer convenience while placing orders
  • Ensure stocks availability
  • Handle exchange and returns
  • Resolve customer queries
  • Provide all-time support and guidance

9.     Product Source

As a business owner, you do not have enough time to handle medieval level tasks that consume your time and energy. Well, your virtual Assistant can take that stress away, as they can handle:

  • They can perform heavy product research and look for the best opportunities
  • Virtual Assistant is highly talented to handle negotiation deals for your business
  • They can also secure samples to ensure that you deliver high-quality products and services

10. Conduct Ad Campaigns

Running advertisements is essential for an e-commerce business to gain potential customers and increase revenue. A skillful Virtual Assistant will handle the critical task of Ad campaigns:

  • Setting an Ad Campaign: This can be a complex task for people with no experience. It is essential to get it right. The pro virtual assistant has excellent knowledge of the target audience, which comes in handy while setting the Ad campaigns.
  • Analyze Campaign Performance: It is vital to know the insights of your Ad campaigns. This lets you see the scope of improvement if required.

11. Graphic Designing

For e-commerce, your images will be the decision changing factor for the visitors. It would help if you had the creativity and artistic talent to display the best images on your website. Virtual Assistant Services will ensure to give it a professional look that resembles your brand reputation. Some key factors they can focus on are:

  • Logo Design: This will represent you in the digital market. So, it is essential to make it unique and attention-seeking.
  • Images: There can be a huge collection of pictures in your store. They will ensure to display engaging photos that have robust and convincing power on the consumers.
  • Infographics: A virtual assistant can quickly implement an infographic that depicts your services and benefits to the visitors.


The right virtual assistant services can deal with many tasks like social media monitoring, customer support, handling orders, deliveries, and more. Getting the right virtual Assistant means all stress is gone and running an e-commerce store successfully. They can easily quote:

“I’m the guy who does his job, you must be the other guy”- The Departed

Here you can be the other guy that focuses on the growth and achieving targets for your e-commerce business.


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