3 Fool-Proof Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram is as popular as ever before, but many brands and influencers are at a loss for how to get more Instagram followers. While real engagement and social proof are incredibly valuable for brands today, creating this measurable engagement requires very specific efforts.

True organic growth on Instagram results in real followers. An authentic, engaged, and growing following on Instagram speaks volumes about a brand’s social presence and credibility. These followers are the social proof that a brand is credible. Moreover, the more real followers a brand has, the better their engagement will be. This means that more Instagrammers are connecting with the brand through comments, shares, views, and likes.


This increased engagement will improve brand awareness, allowing the company to ultimately growing in conversion. Though it is tricky to know where to focus your efforts, here are 3 fool-proof ways to get more Instagram followers:

1. Get A High-Quality Instagram Growth Service

Instagram growth services work to organically grow your Instagram following. These services attract real followers to your Instagram that engage with your brand and result in better engagement rates and a higher following overall. Social media managers love growth services like Kicksta for their foolproof method of growing an authentic Instagram following of real users.

For example with Kicksta, clients will enjoy a boost in their follower count and a steady increase in engagement across the board. This Instagram growth service uses their “liking method” to boost the awareness of your brand with interested Instagrammers. After targeting brands similar to yours, Kicksta likes one or two photos from each of their followers. The notification from this like encourages these followers to visit the brand’s page, which oftentimes results in a follow back.

Higher quality Instagram growth services like Kicksta ensure that you only interact with real followers. While other services make a habit out of buying fake followers, the best growth services prioritize authentic engagement and organic growth.

You can also use ZenPromo that helps to promote your Instagram fast, effective without wasting your time. The service will automatically click likes, follows and comments profiles set by filters. Use such features as analytics, auto cleaner and unfollowing from Instagram ghosts and business accounts.

2. Create a Cohesive Brand Image

Instagram is all about creating a cohesive image. Brands that create a consistent Instagram feed are always going to attract more followers than brands that put little effort into their content. While the specific content created will vary by brand, there are a few best practices to creating attractive content that every social media manager can follow.One of the best ways to create eye-catching content is to use high-quality images.

Whether you’re using high-resolution stock images or you’re working with a professional photographer and graphic designer, it’s important to invest in creating stunning images. Instagrammers respond better to well-curated and high-quality content, regardless of what a particular brand is selling. This is why brands with professional-quality photos and well-designed feeds are able to attract and maintain larger followings.

Another tip for creating a cohesive feed on Instagram is to use color schemes and filters that are specific to each brand. Instagrammer’s often to follow a brand for all the qualities that set them apart from other brands visually. By consistently using the same filter and color scheme on your content, you’ll be able to create a particular “look” that followers remember and will fall in love with.

3. Use Niche-Specific Hashtags

Hashtags are powerful tools to pull in your audience. While Instagram continues to change, hashtags are still as effective as they’ve ever been. With the proper hashtag research, social media managers can give their clients the highly targeted following that they need.

Niche-specific hashtags allow Instagrammers to find specific brands that are connected with their interests. As these hashtags are used in captions and comments, content in a brand’s bio, or in a brand’s story, you will better be able to attract potential followers that are already interested in a brand’s particular niche

It isn’t harder to get more Instagram followers. With the right tools and tips, you’ll be able to attract your niche audience and start organically growing your clients’ Instagram following. Use this guide to kickstart this authentic growth and improve brand awareness on Instagram.

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Alexz Miller is the Director of Marketing at Kicksta. She specializes in content, email, and social media marketing. You can get more daily marketing tips from her on Instagram at @kicksta.co.

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