5+ E-Commerce SEO Tips to Boost Store Traffic

Traffic is everything in an online store, and there are ways to improve this if yours is struggling. One of the popular ways is to use SEO. Yes, SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization i.e., the process of optimizing your site to rank higher in search engines and improve the conversion rate of a website. 

But how can you make your website rank at the front page of Google or Yahoo? Well, let’s go through some simple to do this. 

Structure Your Site Well

Are your web URLs structured for SEO? Well, you should optimize those lengthy and complicated web page URLs making it easy for search engine spiders to index and rank them higher. 

Some great tools can help you optimize your web content URLs, depending on how your site is built. 

A good example is Yoast SEO for WordPress, which is quite useful in optimizing page links. 

Proper keyword combination 

To appear at the top of web pages, you must prove that you are resourceful. In simple terms, you must answer the questions posed by potential customers. Strive to understand how your customers phrase the questions and incorporate the common words in your answer. 

While this may sound like a tough task, again, some tools can help. You can use a free tool like the Google Keyword Planner to help you optimize your content with keywords. 

The idea is simple. When customers search for information, search engines will compare the keywords alongside the available list of websites. That way, if you combined the words well, you would certainly appear at the front page as an excellent resource for them. 

Write compelling articles 

The idea of first impressions leaving lasting images can’t be emphasized enough. That said, you can use catchy headlines, but when the content is far above the average level, your rankings won’t rise. Google expects originality and does not hesitate to penalize websites that fail to comply. The first thing towards writing compelling content is choosing a perspective that suits your site and audience. Next, define your overall goal for the content. Are you trying to answer a question to a twelve-year-old or an experienced guru? That will help you pick the type of language to use. 

Make content actionable. Remember, you need traffic on your online store, so lead the audience to it. Engage with the audience by asking a question or giving short, engaging, and relevant stories. Also, be accurate. If you are quoting from another source, be sure to mention it to prove your resourcefulness and avoid penalties. You may also include unique and high-quality images. 

Customers have many soft spots, and with the right image, you can grab the attention. 

Don’t copy content either from what you have written in the past or other websites. The kind of scenarios set an awful impression, and the latter can lead to legal complications. 

We understand that when you have a small number of products and blog consistently, you can run out of ideas. So, you can choose to remodify or internal link to similar content on your site.

Secure the website

Customers know that by shopping on the wrong site, they can fall in the hands of hackers. They are cautious of how they interact with online stores, and search engines are reinforcing the security by ranking secure websites at the top.  

If you have not yet secured your website, it could be one of the reasons that you are getting low traffic. One way to secure your site is to use SSL Certificates. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates encrypt data shared between your browser and server-side. Thus, only the intended party can read them, and eavesdroppers will find it hard to intercept the communication. 

However, purchasing an SSL certificate is not a big deal as there are many types of SSL certificates in the market you can pick from. For example, if you are running a store with many subdomains, then a wildcard SSL certificate could be the right choice. 

If you have multiple domains, then SAN SSL certificate is best to buy. Having such certificates saves time in certificate management and cost too. You can add extra subdomains or domains later in this certificate.

Fill the gaps left by your competitor 

Getting traffic is all about filling gaps with better approaches. In that case, inspect your primary and secondary competitors to identify loopholes in their actions and craft possible solutions on how you can do better. 

Also, examine how they position themselves in the marketplace, their pricing, fast-moving goods, and keyword gaps. 

Looking at SEO elements such as headlines, meta-description, tags, links, and quality of the content will give you a 3D appearance of how you can beat them. 

Increase Website performance 

How long does it take for your site to load? If it is a minute or more, the visitor can switch to another, and they might not come back. Potential customers have a short attention span, and it is gradually decreasing as the speed of websites is increasing. So, improve your web performance on the server-side including optimizing for mobile, to improve SEO and traffic
You can watch this video to know more about how to increase rankings and drive more organic traffic.


Search engines are always working to improve end-user experience, a feat that makes SEO easier said than done. 

In other words, you can’t rely on a single action to boost your ranking. Combine multiple methods such as securing the website, writing compelling content, attaching high-quality images, etc. Also, don’t make these common SEO mistakes that affect website ranking in search engines.

Remember, SEO is a continuous process, so keep following SEO trends to know the dos and don’ts in SEO.

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