6 SMS Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in 2020

SMS Marketing has the highest engagement rate and it is still one of the most-loved marketing mediums. It is extremely effective for connecting with brands’ most loyal and active consumers who are looking to engage with the brand.

Whether it is to generate leads with effective campaigns, to convert them with special offers or to retain existing customers through loyalty points, people prefer to get updates via short text messages. Wireless carriers are likely to handle more text messages than mobile phone call minutes.

SMS is the perfect medium to connect with your customers and promote your products and services; however, it cannot directly sell a product or sign someone up. SMS is easy and convenient for the consumer and provides the greatest reach for brands. 

Ask for Permission

Before you can start texting people, they must permit you to do so. You must have permission to send users text messages asking for permission is not mandatory, but it’s better because it can be intrusive if sent to somebody who hasn’t given their permission. That can mean irreparable damage to your brand, as phones are seen as personal space. Protect the reputation of your organization by ensuring all recipients have allowed you to communicate with them.  

Keep Your Messaging Efforts Consistent

They may not have heard of you before, and probably haven’t spoken to any of your employees or had direct experience with your product or service. Regular messaging creates brand recognition but consistency does not mean communicating the same thing again and again. First impressions come reading your content, you can communicate different topics. Those same readers are going to moving around your website. They will be engaging with your video marketing, browsing your service pages, and downloading your offers.


Ask yourself what sort of data your business might require from subscribers. Then create an effective segmentation on that basis. The level of bifurcation and targeting depends on various factors, including the size of the market, number of product offerings and various other brand-specific considerations. The main idea of personalization is to provide as many customers with the most relevant offers as possible but not every marketing specialist takes full advantage of the current tool.

Subscription form

You can start turning your text messaging into an SMS marketing strategy from signup to conversion and long-lasting customer relationships. With the help of Subscription form, you can integrate your digital marketing platforms so that they work together to drive new business. Businesses can send SMS alerts to website blog subscribers when they publish valuable new blog content on their website. Most of the messages are focused on sales with the help of discounts and special offers.

Your SMS Subscription form is more than just a tool to collect phone numbers, you can let your website visitors subscribe to your text marketing campaigns by entering their information. Online SMS subscriber forms will allow you to attract customers that you probably wouldn’t have been able to capture through traditional advertising. Texting can be of higher value when you use all available options offered by web-services.

Include a Strong Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action or CTA is a phrase designed to encourage people to take the desired action, getting the attention of your target audience requires creativity. The call to action tells your customers what to do; a well-planned text message call to action is required to get people to do what you want them to do. It is used across all areas of business, particularly in sales and marketing.

Call to action is everywhere, you may not notice them, but they are there, it is a powerful tool for engaging target users. It works well when you are offering a deal, discount, exclusive access, or some other benefit at a physical location.

Select a memorable keyword, it should be very clear on what the desired outcome is and it directly relates to selling a product or service, which is the ultimate goal for businesses. CLICK HERE can be a powerful call to action, the right call to action must be used in the right situation. Make it as easy as possible on your intended audience to take action.

Personalize Your Messages

It’s time to get personal with your marketing strategy, be sure to include the name of the sender. It is also essential that brands send appropriate messages according to the data provided by subscribers. It is highly effective for connecting with loyal consumers, as companies are now focused on customizing the client experience to make each interaction meaningful and valuable. There you can also add variables directly into the text. Personalize Your Messages can be as simple as targeting males or females or consumers in a certain way.

Personalizing your messages will make your marketing campaign more effective, it’s a simple, cost-effective and non-spammy way of marketing. There’s no point coming up with a personalized special offer if you get the customer’s name wrong so use a set up that ensures accuracy. Forty-nine percent of consumers have purchased something they didn’t intend to after receiving a personalized marketing message about it. Never assume, any information always double-check, and offer consumers an easy way to update your records if their details change. Do not forget to personalize the signup experience for customers by setting up a welcome message introducing them to their new subscription.


According to recent researches, SMS marketing is becoming an effective tool in sales. It is a great channel to engage and build loyal customers. SMS Marketing doesn’t cost much at all to send a text to a customer, just build a list of prospects, send monthly promotions and inform them of exciting news, such as a new service or special offer. Text messaging has replaced the phone call as the preferred method of communication as smartphones are now virtual extensions of people.

Maxwell Donovan is the writer of this article. He works for a Conference startup. His assignment is to discover the correct representatives and specialists for the meetings and different business occasions. These gatherings are profoundly sought after are a decent method to produce business leads. If your organization additionally needs to arrange a gathering or a b2b meeting for your customers, it would be ideal if you be in contact with them.

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