All About Android Development In 2020

If you’ll see the journey of Android you’ll get inspired to see how it has come a long way in the mobile app development industry. Started in 2008, its smart operating system attracting a large number of audiences has grown vast in the mobile industry. 

Over the year the app has grown by leaps and bounds, knocking out all the competitors in the race of innovation and market share. Each year Android comes up introducing new techniques and tools in mobile app development which makes reliable Andriod app development possible. Aiming to simplify the development process, it improves your customer base to make life easy for customers. 

You can find various Android training in Mumbai to incorporate best practices in user experience and design, ideas, innovations and trends. However, before you take a plunge in exploring and riding on the waves of change to develop your app lets check out the latest trends of the year 2020. 

Here are the top 5 Android App Development Trends to Follow In 2020


Entering in the year 2020, you must have heard about Kotlin, if not it’s high time you get yourself updated about it. Kotlin is a modern programming language introduced to boost productivity and make developers work easier. Designed to interoperate with Java, it is capable of utilizing all the existing tools of Android Studio. 

It means Kotlin has been included as an alternative to the standard Java compiler. Using this converting the existing Java-based Android apps to Kotlin has become easier. The use of Kotlin makes high-performance and quality Android apps without investing much time and energy. 

The best features introduced by Kotlin are – interoperability, modern and expressive, compatibility, tool – friendly, safe and concise, fast compilation time, and excellent performance. The use of these features makes Kotlin one of the best frameworks for Android app development.

Android Jetpack

It is a set of components, tools, and guidance to make great high-quality Android apps easily. These components following best practices simplify complex tasks to help you focus on your code. 

Building around modern practices like separation of concerns, and testability including productive features like Kotlin integration. Jetpack is mainly designed to help developers cope with important issues like backward compatibility, application management and so on. The use of Jetpack making things easier helps you build robust, high-quality apps with less code. 

Android Enterprise

Android is the most used and preferred device in enterprises for work. Observing this Google created the Android Enterprise program to establish the best Android app development practices.

Providing complete control over the Android enterprise app and data owned by enterprise organizations. Offering various APIs and tools it lets Android app developers integrate support in Enterprise mobility management. 

5G Wireless services

This year the telecom industry is working hard to take over the 5G network. It will help the mobile application sphere in – 3D Gaming, Augmented Reality, Data Security, Speed, etc. To get good speed and performance, design your mobile applications with a 5G network. It will give users a new level of data security.

Beacon Technology

Beacons are small wireless devices that use Bluetooth technology to attract attention and send signals to nearby smartphones. Beacons can connect and transmit information to various small devices that are making a huge dent in location technology and proximity marketing to make your searching process accurate and easier. 

When compared with other technologies, the beacon is very cheap which means even the small business processes can also take advantage of it. Developers using this technology can make bring this facility into any stream like travel, tourism, healthcare, etc. 


With continuous changes, you can see many other beneficial Android development technologies in demand like – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, AR/VR, Chatbots, cloud-based mobile apps, etc. But not every trend is going to add value for your business so use only ones that will make sense for your business. Join the best Android training in Mumbai to learn these technologies. 

The best Android training in Mumbai will make you learn all the worthwhile technologies of the year 2020. It is all about customers and everything will revolve around them. While android application development trends continue to come and pass by its necessary to evaluate the latest technology updates to identify and grab opportunities and create competitive advantages for your business. 

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