App Promotion: What Needs to Be Considered?

You have an idea for your app and ask yourself exactly the question you see in the headline of this article? But the market is hotly contested! Everyone wants to promote their app in different ways and generate more downloads in the App Stores. And this is exactly where the crux begins: according to Statista there are currently about 2.5 million apps in the Google Play Store and about 2 million apps in the Apple App Store1. So you’re facing a lot of competition. That’s why it’s important that you don’t just create an app that offers your app users added value, it also has to stand out from the crowd of existing and similar apps in the App Stores.

The Right Time for App Promotion

But app promotion doesn’t mean that you start as soon as the app is available in the desired App Store. It starts before the launch and should be continued after the successful submission of the app. In order for your future users to find your app, a suitable marketing strategy for the promotion of your app is necessary. This is the only way to make your app more popular. In the following tips, we have worked out how to do this for you. Are you ready?

Your Desired Target Group Will Help You to Do the Following

In the course of the development and creation process, you have certainly thought about what the app should achieve and above all which target group you would like to reach with it. So why not include this target group in your app promotion? Keep your target group up to date on how your app is developing. You can also ask them directly which functions and features they would like from your app to have an incentive to use them later. This gives you a good overview so that you have created exactly the app that your target group wants. And that’s exactly what you want to achieve.

Development Process Completed

Once your app is ready, you can start submitting it to the App Stores. Once this is done, inform your target group and thank them for their support. These can be discounts, vouchers or unlocked content when they download your app from the App Stores. A good incentive to get your first download numbers.

Involving Influencers in the Process

We all know them! Influencers on Instagram or YouTube. People who manage to inspire millions of Internet users with a product. If the enthusiasm is very high, the followers of such influencers also use this product in a very short time. This can also be an advantage for you and your app. Try to track down influencers and ask them to try out your app or to talk or write about your app. If they are convinced, they will share your content with their followers – that could be tech blogs or social media postings.

App Store Promotion with App Store Optimization

The two App Stores also offer the opportunity to promote your app and your brand there. But also here is the question which App Store it should be? Apple? Google or both? The statistics of StatCounter show that Google’s market share is much higher than Apple’s, for example. The mobile market share of Android is 76% and iOS owns 22% worldwide2. Once you’ve found the App Store that’s right for you, you’re ready to start App Store Optimization (ASO). This is the process to get your app to higher-ranking positions within the search results in the two stores. The better the ranking, the more visible your app will be, it will be found faster and can be downloaded.

Small Excursion: SEO for Your Progressive Web App

However, if you have decided on a Progressive Web App (PWA) – a mobile-optimized website that also works in offline mode and has native app functions, e.g. sending push notifications – you can also take these optimization measures. In this case, this is Search Engine Optimization. Since a PWA is a website, it can be found in search engines. Therefore you should invest time for the SEO accordingly. Make sure that the contents of your PWA are provided with suitable keywords that reflect you and your brand or product. The most important keyword should appear in the title of your PWA and – as with ordinary websites – in the URL.

App Ratings as a Harbinger of Higher Download Numbers

Reviews of your app will also help you get more attention for your app. The more positive these reviews are, the more other users will be convinced to download them to their smartphone. It is also important that you do not ignore these reviews – whether positive or critical. Respond to each review and thank users for taking the time to leave feedback about your app. To get more experience with your app, you can also contact the influencers already introduced here.

Online and Offline Promotion go Hand in Hand

The online and offline promotion for your app can complement each other perfectly. You have a huge number of different possibilities to promote the app on both channels.


Website banner

A banner that you can embed on your website that leads your website visitors directly to the App Store via click or QR code to download your app there.

Social media channels

If you and we hope you are active on social media, you can promote your app on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co. at regular intervals, e.g. a countdown:

“In two weeks it will be time: we will publish our app!”

Or you can use your postings to show what makes your app so special and how easy it is for your app users when they use yours and not someone else’s app.

Apple Search Ads

The Apple App Store gives you the ability to advertise in the store itself. This way, you can draw the attention of App Store visitors to your app right away and encourage them to download it.


For offline promotions, you can print flyers, posters, business cards or table displays to promote your app. There are no limits to your creativity. You can also print a QR code on them so that users just need to scan it, download your app or PWA and use it immediately.


Contrary to all opinions, app promotion does not start after the app has reached the app stores, but already in the development and creation phase. Therefore, you should keep this in mind and take appropriate measures (as described above) to make your app better known and more successful. Just try out what works best for you and focus on it. It is always important to keep an eye on how successful your app promotion really is. So analyze all your promotional activities to make any necessary improvements.

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Corinna Stoer is an Online Marketing Manager at AppYourself.


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