Apple’s Journey to $1 Trillion

Every tech giant started off as a small business and Apple Inc. is no exception. Founded in the garage of Steve Jobs’ parents, Apple moved from its humble beginnings to become the world’s first publicly-traded company to reach $1 trillion market capitalization.

It all started in 1976 when Steve Jobs and fellow college dropout Steve Wozniak made the first Apple product – a personal computer named Apple I. The device started selling like hotcakes, and the company’s revenues began doubling every four months.

Encouraged by the success of their first product, Jobs and Wozniak launched Apple II in 1977. Apple II quickly became one of the most widely used and long-lived home computers.

In December 1980, Apple Inc. went public, offering 4.6 million of its shares at $22 per share. The IPO made dozens of Apple employees instant millionaires, while Steve Jobs alone made $217 million in one day.

During the 1980s, Apple introduced two more iconic products: Lisa and Macintosh. Lisa was one of the first personal computers based on a graphical user interface, while Macintosh computer is best remembered for the groundbreaking “1984” commercial that aired during halftime of the Super Bowl XVIII.

At this point, Apple still had a long way to go to $1 trillion. So, if you want to find out what happened next, take a look at the infographic below by The

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