Avone Multipurpose Shopify Theme – Review

Selling clothes online and creating a brand is now really easy thanks to the dropshipping. It’s a new and extremely profitable way to make money on the internet.

Today, I would like to share with you an e-commerce theme that I found on Themeforest dedicated to fashion and the sale of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing. You’ll see, it’s a great theme for an online store.

How is the Avone theme coming along?

This is Avone, an e-commerce theme dedicated to Shopify platform. It has been designed by the Adorn Themes team, which, among other things, designs tools for e-commerce solutions with 100% possitive reviews on envato.

It has relatively few sales compared to other themes such as Flatsome, as it has “only” 2400 sales. Having said that, all the reviews are positive, because as you will see, Avone is a very good theme.

Sold as a versatile theme – that you can adapt to the products you sell – that’s not entirely true in my opinion. It’s much more suited to the sale of ready-to-wear than tools, for example.

On the other hand, it is true that it is very versatile on customization, because everything can be modified very simply without any technical coading knowledge in programming.

The best features of the theme

22 starting templates

Both the sales page and the demo page are very well done and highlight the fact that Avone offers 22 pre-designed shop templates with features over 1000+ Theme Options.

That means you can choose from 22 different designs for your Shopify shop. Many themes on Themeforest offer this, and it’s always nice to get your shop up and running quickly! All demos are created from same files to show what you can do with Avone. You can choose any section/options from any demos and create new usniqe online store on shopify.

There are even 2 templates dedicated to the end of the year period and especially Christmas: As you can see, Avone offers some models suitable for the sale of decorative objects such as furniture. It’s up to you according to what you sell in your shop.

Product pages

In the same way that you can change the style of your homepage, you can also change the style of the product sheets thanks to 7 different layouts. Some of them will be better suited to your goals than others, but they are all very well thought out.

It’s obviously very inspired by what we’re all used to seeing, since it’s Shopify, but Avone product pages stand out from the rest. e-commerce themes.

First of all, you see that we have the possibility to integrate a counter to display the time remaining before the end of a promotion or sales. It is also possible to add the number of products remaining in stock.

All of these elements serve to create a sense of urgency, which greatly improves your conversion rate!

But that’s not all, since there are also trusted elements such as customer reviews, Size chart popup, product video, group products, payment security badges, a contact button to request product information, etc.

All this is fully customizable according to what you want to show: description, reviews, size guide, return policy and delivery time.

You can see it all for yourself at the demo, since there’s so much to say on the product sheets!

The mega menu

The principle of a mega menu is to display certain products directly when the mouse hovers over a menu item. This is a point that contributes a lot to the user experience, but still slows down your site.

Users who visit your shop get a quick overview of bestsellers, promotional products, etc. All this is configurable from the Shopify interface.

If you use the mega menu, I advise you not to overuse it by putting it on all menu items. Your site must remain fast to load for the users, but also for the search engines.

The lookbook

A lookbook is a kind of photo catalog dedicated to visitors, customers, and potentially journalists. It is generally used in the ready-to-wear industry, but it can be declined.

If you have nice pictures, this is the perfect place to display them – in addition to your Instagram – this way, everyone will have access to your collections. It’s a must-see showcase, because nowadays people know where to browse first on an e-commerce site.

In addition to including your most beautiful photos, Avone allows you to activate a purchase module to buy the product that corresponds to the image:

Few shops on the market offer this kind of functionality and to differentiate yours, the lookbook is very interesting! If you’re looking to products to dropship you can check Cjdropshipping website.

And more…

Here are some of the features you need to know about before installing Avone on a Shopify store. This is a really comprehensive theme.

Templates allow a different layout on each shop as well as product page templates that offer a different design. There are a few details that I have not mentioned because they seem obvious to me for a theme of this quality. The first one is that it is a mobile-friendly theme, which means that it fits perfectly with phones, tablets and computers. The second one is that it integrates page templates for contact, FAQ, blog, about page up to the 404 errors page. If you are equipped, you can also offer 360° views of the products… Well, that’s really a detail!

Finally, the many built-in plugins will save you a lot of money. Counter, top bar, popup, pre-order and purchase notification are all features you won’t need to buy.

What is the price of the Avone theme?

As with all themes available on Themeforest, prices are very affordable and Avone is no exception. All features, templates and even future updates are offered to you for $59.

Unlike some of the themes you’ll find on the Shopify Store at $180, Avone is really cheap if you count all that it offers. Plus, you have access to a complete documentation to explain everything to you if you’re lost.

This is not always the case with other Shopify themes…

How do I get started with Avone?

Once you have purchased Avone, you can download it from your Envato Market interface in the « Downloads » section. You will then have access to the ZIP file to be installed directly on Shopify.

You’ll also have access to full documentation to explain the entire installation process. The Adorn Themes team also provides you with YouTube videos on their channel.

To activate the different features, everything is indicated by arrow images in the documentation. It’s very easy to get started!

My personal opinion about Avone

I personally don’t own a ready-to-wear shop, but I had the opportunity to test this Shopify theme. To be honest, I don’t understand why it doesn’t sell for more.

Avone could be sold for $100  and I still wouldn’t mind. It’s not perfect, of course, but no theme really is. I found two drawbacks: it’s not translated into other languages and it may be difficult to make the transition from a basic theme.

The first problem is easy to fix using the Shopify tool Online Store > Themes > Change languages to translate the few lines of text. For the second, it’s due to the fact that the plugins, the mega menu and everything else is configurable from the interface.

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