5 B2B Ecommerce Examples to Take Inspiration From

Everything in the eCommerce space has changed after the arrival of the B2B eCommerce business trend. 

Each month billions of dollars are invested in the B2B eCommerce industry. Still, most business owners feel skeptical about investing in this new platform. 

Let us guess: the traditional business norm “people buy from people” is what most business organizations implement. People fear moving their pen and paper business to a digital platform. 

Companies who often overlook investing in this eCommerce platform will soon fall behind in this cut-throat competition. 

Most buyers prefer to shop from digital stores. B2B eCommerce Platform is undoubtedly the optimal choice if a company wants to gain billions of dollars in one go. 

Taking your business on this new platform will bring good fortune to you. 

Since B2B customers nowadays seek the same flexibility, which B2C eCommerce platform offers to its customers. They want their purchase journey to be seamless. They want easy checkout options, fast delivery, automatic repeat orders, and easy order tracking. 

To handle all these processes seamlessly, every business organization should have a robust B2B eCommerce store because it improves customer experience and generates more leads. You can further convert into sales to gain profitability.

With that being said, you’ll find numerous big brands in the eCommerce market who have shifted their whole business on this emerging eCommerce platform. 

To motivate and encourage you to invest in B2B eCommerce platforms, we’ll highlight some of the top businesses who’re running B2B eCommerce stores.

So without any further ado, let’s dig in.


Spectrum Audio

When you visit Spectrum Audio’s website, you’ll be astounded to see how professionally it is designed to keep its customers attracted. The interface of their B2B eCommerce Store is clean and chic. The optimized search engine and clear navigation features are pretty astonishing. 

The homepage is designed to give out all the promotional price information to the customers depending on what they’re looking for to purchase. 

If you scroll down, you’ll see how optimally they have tried to keep users engaged by giving out information about their latest, popular and featured products. 

This is undoubtedly a smart B2B Marketing Strategy which can increase shopper’s cart size.

For its B2B customers, Spectrum Audio has integrated a button “add to quote” through which bulk custom orders can be placed.

The “quick view” and “compare” feature help the brand make the customer experience better.

Another cool feature on their website, “shop by brand,” facilitates customers to find the product they’re looking for easily.



Chocomize is the most popular company that delivers Quality Corporate and Customizable Chocolate Gifts to buyers who want to promote their business distinctively.

The SEOs working in this company are quite smart because they know to increase their Google rankings by smartly using on-page SEO techniques. 

If you visit their awe-striking website, you may find keywords like “custom chocolate coins,” “custom chocolate square,” or “custom corporate chocolate.” Using this SEO strategy ensures an increase in Google rankings.

When customers place bulk orders, they are given discounts. The “search by budget” and “search by occasions” options on the menu bar help purchasers to find suitable products within an affordable price range according to their convenience.


Werner Electric

Werner Electric Supply has been doing business in this market for decades. They sell wholesale electrical products across the United States. They deal in thousands of the finest quality electrical products, which thousands of customers purchase regularly. 

For the past five years, customers have used an online portal to place their orders. Recently they have shifted to an eCommerce platform to fully digitize all the customers’ operations.

Previously, placing orders on their portal was a bit strenuous since it was tied to their ERP. Their customers needed to understand the language of ERP to place an online order.

Nevertheless, they realized this is not how they should be selling their products. It was finally the time to make this online order placing process seamless. They decided to fulfill the unique requirements of their potential customers. 

With a project partner, Werner Electric worked day and night to establish their business on an eCommerce platform. They do an in-depth analysis of their customers, sales team, business objectives, and goals. 

Last year they launched their new website to deliver a great customer experience apart from establishing a seamless order placing process. 

With this progressive approach today, they are making trillions by winning their customers’ hearts and trust.


Noritex or you may call the king of home decor. It is an importer, distributor, and re-exporter of all types of home decor, religious, schools, textile, and Christmas items. 

In a podcast, the digital project manager, Nessim Btesh, in a podcast, explains how his journey of taking his Panama-based old family business to a digital platform was explained.

Nessim was keen on taking his business venture on a digital platform from the beginning. However, his family was skeptical about this digital transformation. He faced resistance initially.

When the recent pandemic (Covid-19) took over the business world and caused massive disruption, Nessim took this business venture on a digital platform. 

At the beginning of this journey, they first tried to comprehend customer personas and the purchasing process. 

They began with Shopify and later on moved to Shopify Plus. However, soon they realized it wasn’t working for them. They started looking for another eCommerce platform that can fulfill all their business needs. 

Disappointed with the available options, they took a big risk and built their eCommerce store from scratch. 

Noritex built a tailor-made platform and pulled necessary information from various sources to deliver an efficient and fast customer experience. 

Their custom-built eCommerce platform perfectly suited all its Latin American consumers.



Another successful and popular B2B eCommerce business is none other than BulkBookStore. As all of us know, readers now prefer to purchase and read books online because that’s pretty feasible. 

Purchasing books in bulk is a troublesome task. The minimum order quantity is usually 25 copies. However, for your B2B business, you should consider BulkBookStore.

Usually, book suppliers make one copy for individual buyers. If you want 25 copies for your class or 500 business books for your employees, BulkBookStore has the competence to fulfill your bulk order requirements. 

This customer-centric online store offers bulk order options; moreover, it timely delivers to satisfy its customers. 

Wrapping up

Spectrum Audio, Chocomize, Werner Electric, BulkBookStore and Noritex are just four business ventures which took the risk of taking their business to a new digital platform. It was a bold move, no doubt, but now these B2B eCommerce stores are making trillions.  So what are you waiting for? Dive into the B2B eCommerce world and do a prosperous business. 

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