10+ Best Examples Of Shopify Store Websites That Will Catch Your Eye

As eCommerce continues to grow, you can find thousands of websites with themes similar to an extent that it almost becomes boring shuffling through them. Studies reveal that by the end of 2022, eCommerce and online retailers will account for more than 17% of the total sales in the US

Shopify provides all the features to help break through this cycle but, sadly, many users are still unaware of the customization powers at their disposal. Unlike other web hosting platforms, the platforms where eCommerce websites or stores are hosted differ a lot. Fortunately, Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce hosting platforms in the world. If you want to make sure that your eCommerce store looks “one-of-a-kind” then you are in need of an outstanding inspiration that can open your eyes to the stunner talent some Shopify store websites present. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from these creative souls and introduce the right tweak that your own website needs. 

We have put together a list of the most interesting Shopify stores that we have come across. The majority of them have already swept millions of customers off their feet and continue to build their business using online stores as the basic tool. 

Let’s check them out! 


Ratio Coffee – Best in Beverage Shopify Stores 


The first catchy feature is the website’s aesthetics which go well with its product lineup. Since you are here to explore coffee options, the two most important aspects will be access to products and customer reviews. Luckily, both of these can be viewed right from the homepage of the Ratio Coffee website. 


  • Why We Love This Shopify Store Website 


Plenty of features of good websites are gathered in one spot. The color balance is perfect, the product list is simple, plenty of customer reviews are easily accessible, and a handy user manual is available as well. 


Teatox Australia – Best in Health and Food Stores 


This eCommerce store was launched in 2013 with the aim of providing high-quality detox tea to customers who wished for better health. Shopify designers have also come up with an effective layout for the website with plenty of images and a clutter-free interface. All the relevant drop-down menus are present on top of the page with a separate blog section that hosts interesting articles and appealing images. 


  • Why We Love This Shopify Store Website 


The addition of products to the cart and the checkout process is straightforward. Furthermore, the blogs on the website are highly informative with educational content that interested customers would love to read. 


BioLite – Best In Sustainable Product Collection 


Biolite Shopify store website leaves no room for details. All the product images here look 3D, and well-lit and some even present the detail of how they will look when walking in sunlight or rain. 

In addition to the amazing website’s graphics, the second main selling point for Biolite is its focus on making affordable products that don’t compromise on energy either. Keeping this in view, the creative heads have come up with a compelling slogan for their website that states “Gear That Brings Energy Everywhere”. Powerful words like these are bound to appeal to the target audience.

You can also find sustainable and recyclable products for children like GIGI Bloks.


  • Why We Love This Shopify Store Website 


What newbies can learn from the Biolite website is that good-quality images that look as good as real leave a huge positive impact on visitors into buyers. 


Rhone – Best In Sportswear  


Only passionate athletics can come up with the best sportswear. This was the main objective of Rhone when it was launched a decade ago. The founding members were thoroughly disappointed by the lack of quality athlete-wear and decided to launch a brand in order to bridge that gap. 


  • Why We Love This Shopify Store Website 


You will find plenty of best-quality images laid out in a clean manner with a font that is in nice contrast to the background. 


Silk Laundry – Best In Fashion Wear 


If you are in search of luxurious clothing that will defy all the trends of the time, Silk Laundry is a spot you have to make a stop at! It won’t be an exaggeration to say that each piece here is a complete art. The website is no less. Each product carries a detailed, informative description. 

On top of that, it is equipped with transparent “Review” and “Return Policy” pages that have helped the brand build a relationship of trust with its customers. 


  • Why We Love This Shopify Store Website 


A simple layout that puts total limelight on products coupled with transparent product descriptions and customer reviews that are open for everyone to view. 


Taylor Stitch – Best In Quality Clothing 


We are grown-ups doing online shipping but sometimes it’s the creative touches of a website that refreshes the kid in us. Taylor Stitch has utilized this concept to make its website stand out from the rest. 

First of all, each product comes with multiple images that give you a better idea of how they will look in person. There is no rocket science involved when you wish to see these different sides. All you have to do is hover over to the top of the product. 

Secondly, on the home page, you will find nothing but a couple of navigation tabs, and the rest of the space is taken up by the words “Three Simple Ingredients”. This refers to Stitch’s promise of making high-quality, environmental-friendly clothing from recycled material only. 


  • Why We Love This Shopify Store Website 


Each product comes with multiple images that shift as soon as you move your cursor on top of them. Secondly, it has a peculiar homepage that gets the basic message through to the viewers in 3 simple words. 


Great George Watches – Best In Watches Shopify Stores 


George Watches’ website flashes a catchy “Made with Swiss parts and 100% square” opening on their homepage. Now potential customers who are new to this might not be able to figure out what this exactly implies but let us spell it out for you. 

Watches have been typically made circular for quite a long time now. With gestures like “100% square” and “think outside the circle, Great George Watches hints toward their unique collection that is completely square-faced. It is admirable how they used just the power of words to make their website interesting and quirky.  


  • Why We Love This Shopify Store Website 


What’s there not to love? Perfect vintage black/white photos with an eye-catching red button for placing orders. On top of that, perfect content on the main page captivates the visitors even before they take a look at the products. 


Tattly – Best In Artistic Shopify Store Websites 


Gone are the days when we were proud to have permanent tattoos. Now the craze can wear off quickly and so customers are actively looking for places that offer temporary service instead. Tattly is top of its game with fun designs and new playful ideas that are updated on a regular basis. 

Navigation is also easy thanks to plenty of filters that it offers so you only spend time considering tattoos that match somewhat what you were looking for. 


  • Why We Love This Shopify Store Website 


The playful nature of the service here asks for playful topography that the website designers have taken good care of. 


Choose Muse – Best In Music and Albums Collection 


As the name suggests, Choose Muse gives easy and direct access to tons of music. When you land on the homepage, you will find a man putting on headphones and choosing his muse for the day directly from the main page of the website. 

The full-display video is sufficient to convey how straightforward this Shopify store is. Furthermore, regardless of the huge library that it hosts, the website is clutter-free and extremely enjoyable in terms of viewer experience. You have to visit it to believe us! 


  • Why We Love This Shopify Store Website 


The website layout is simple yet eye-catching. With a number of clean images and texts, nothing can go wrong with the graphics of the store website. 


Modko – Best In Pets Shopify Stores 


What’s the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about a pet-related shop? I would say antiseptic, clean, and clutter-free. This is all that Modko provides in their online shop. The interface is simple, the website is easy to navigate around, and all the images are high-quality. You can browse easily from one product to the other, check out their details, and even the check-out process is 


  • Why We Love This Shopify Store Website 


Uncluttered interface with cleanly-placed high-quality images. Each product is coupled with informative and detailed descriptions. Any ambiguity is further addressed in their “Frequently Asked Question” section. 


La La Land – Best In Home Decor Shopify Stores 


On La La Land, you will find anything from home décor to fancy clothing. Keeping in view the nature of the product it supplies, its website is vibrant, modern, and directed towards catching the attention of youth. 

Another interesting approach that the graphic designers used here were to employ white background so that the color additions on top stood out. This places just the right amount of emphasis that the products La La Land needs. 


  • Why We Love This Shopify Store Website 


It is equipped with colorful designs and easy-to-reach drop-down menus. In order to further make the colored graphics stand out, the background has been kept solid white. 

Wrap Up 

Each of these examples gives unique ideas on how you can make your own website different from the rest. It is obvious that Shopify stores allow a high degree of customization so you just need to have an aesthetic eye to choose the right design, color schemes, and slogans.

You can also use colorful backgrounds for your websites and make them more engaging.

While making any Shopify store make sure to have a convenient payment gateway. A good example is Paypal or Payoneer, but if you are a global store then make sure to have a credit card & visa card option also available. 

Do you have other good examples of inspirational Shopify store websites? We would love to hear about your favorite choice so keep us posted in the comment section below. 

Faisal Rehman is a Freelance Systems Administrator and a writer at softwarespice.com. He has 10 years of technology and systems experience. He writes about the best web hosting for small businesses and freelance gigs.


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