Assortment of 70+ On-demand Services: How Does an App Like Gojek Help You Offer it?


Covid-19 spread has made it mandatory for every individual to shift their shopping preference to online. Those who haven’t shopped digitally also got the experience of shopping through one or other apps. But have you ever imagined how tiring it’s to download multiple on-demand apps for making payments, booking cabs, shopping for clothes, ordering daily essentials, etc.? It’s really boring to install multiple apps that serve different purposes. 


Most users these days prefer an app that takes less space, loads fast, and satisfies all their demands. More than 56% of app users uninstall the apps within seven days of installation because of various reasons. One of the top reasons is that it’s of no use for them, while other reasons include storage consumption, slow loading, poor performance, etc. 


Hence it becomes essential for you to focus on all the reasons while developing an app for your business. But most importantly, try to develop and launch an app that satisfies all the purposes of the users by enabling them to have access to a wider range of services. 


Wondering how you can offer about seventy services with a single platform? It becomes possible when you choose to invest in a ready-to-use app like Gojek that helps you provide lots of services to your customers on their demand. 


Different Types of Services You Can Offer Through App Similar to Gojek

Gojek, which was founded in 2009 with the motto to connect customers with courier delivery and ride-hailing, now offers more than twenty services to customers. In 2015, the company provided four services, including: 


  • GoRide 
  • GoSend
  • GoShop
  • GoFood


Gojek ensures to fulfill the growing demand for tech-savvy customers, now it offers more than 20 services. Now individuals don’t need to download multiple apps as they can get all their needs fulfilled through a single solution. Due to the convenience one-stop solution offers, it had more than 29 million monthly active users in Indonesia alone in 2019; this number increased as more people preferred to order hot meals and day-to-day essentials using the Gojek-like app.


Gojek has grabbed massive popularity in recent years and is considered a top player to give tough competition to other super apps in Southeast Asia. As a multi-service business owner, if you’re looking to become part of the growing super app market, then making an app similar to Gojek is the best choice. There are diverse verticals that have been integrated into the platform:


  • Taxi
  • Delivery
  • Services
  • Courier
  • Appointment booking


The platform makes it easier for business owners to list various services and manage overall business operations right through a few clicks on the platform. For example, if you want to start a flower delivery, pizza delivery, and medicines delivery business, you can easily manage all three from a single platform. You’re also allowed to manage other business services like taxi booking, home services, and other businesses through this easy-to-use solution. 


Top Benefits of Launching 70+ Services with App Like Gojek

Wondering why you must launch lots of services within a single app similar to Gojek? There are lots of benefits of launching more than seventy services with apps like Gojek. It not only saves your app development costs but also helps you eliminate the hassle of shifting to multiple apps to manage various operations right from one place. 


Now no need to appoint staff to manage different business operations as you can do it with a few clicks on the digital solution. Investing in the gojek clone script is a smart choice that saves your time and effort, which is wasted on managing everything traditionally. The feature-rich app helps you reach more customers by enabling them to get access to what they are more often looking for. It also proves advantageous for you in lots of other ways, which include:


Broader Customer Base

There are approximately five billion mobile users worldwide as per DataReportal global digital overview, making it crucial for business owners to have their digital presence online. As people are becoming tech-savvy and looking to get all their needs satisfied online, it’s vital for you to list all your business services online. Listing all the services on a single app makes everything easier for you and your customers. The more service you offer, the more customers will be attracted and use your branded solution. 


Save Development Cost

Now you don’t have to invest in deploying and launching multiple apps to manage various services, including flower delivery, medicine delivery, home services, and more. All types of business can easily be managed through a few clicks on the Gojek-like app; this helps you avoid the need to have different apps like taxi booking, food order, flower delivery, etc. 


Helps You Expand Beyond Boundaries

An app similar to Gojek comes with advanced features like multi-currency and language support, helping boost your business to multiple cities and countries. Just make all the essential settings, and you’re all set to operate your business in the city you wish to expand your reach.


The list of benefits doesn’t end here! There are a lot more advantages that you can enjoy by choosing to develop an app similar to Gojek for your business. It helps you reach more customers, drive traffic, increase business sales, and automate business operations. 



In today’s digital world, where customers are expecting to have everything at a faster speed, it becomes vital for business entrepreneurs to satisfy growing demand. They need to opt for modern trends and technology to stay ahead in the competitive market. 


Gojek does the same; the Indonesian app also opts for the best approach that helps the company to provide a seamless experience to its users. You also have to try something trendy that can do wonder for your traditional business.

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