Why Brand App Is a Good Idea to Your Content Marketing?

The use of a dedicated application is in trend as it makes it easier to understand the services of the brand. These apps have a compelling structure and content that takes the user experience to a higher notch. A well-received application by the users can take your brand value to a great extent of success. Keep on reading to learn why brand app is a good idea to your content marketing. 

According to Statista, as of March 2017, there are 2.8 million applications at Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps at Apple’s app store. With these growing numbers, it is conclusive that the brand app has a positive impact on high-quality information and offers more to the user. Besides, it also helps in building trust and growing your brand even if it is a startup. The number of downloads and installs determines the application is well-accepted and perceived among the target audience. 

Increase the brand value through the small screen

You can reach the maximum audience through mobile screens with an on-the-go variant of your product catalog and services. This is a convenient solution to reach targeted as well as new users and give them a friendly interface. An easy to use brand app that has clear features and is not too intimidating to use will create a unique bond between the brand and the users. When your brand offers something extra to the users along with the services, they will feel more valued.

For instance, the fashion designer label Louis Vuitton not only offers world-class luggage accessories to travel but also has a City Guide App. Their aesthetically pleasing strong design focuses on user experience as it gives them a medium to explore and express. The application also has more than twenty-five tourist destination guides for an ultimate travel experience. Moreover, you can send postcards digitally via an app while exploring your dream destination.

This emotional connection and expression are beyond carrying the LV luggage around, hence works in favor of the brand and the users. Moreover, this enhancement in the traveling experience delivers more exciting features to the user and promotes them to explore more. It is a perfect union of marketing and creativity so that the users are always excited about the additional benefits. If you have amazing brand app ideas, here is how to learn presenting design work and impress everyone, you may even be recognized by a logo design of your brand app.

Why launch your own brand app?

It is less disruptive than ads

The brand app is less annoying and disruptive than mobile ads. The apps that are free to use without any hidden purchases often have more downloads and better marketing value. These applications enhance the user experience without any pop-up ads in mobile advertising. 

Add value to customer experience

The app download, installation, and registration process play a vital role in establishing two-way communication between the brand and the user. Moreover, the user can subscribe to exclusive features, member account benefits, and premium packages via these apps. Also, the brand app has faster customer service and feedback options to assist the user. This significantly makes the application more reliable and user-centric.

Supply valuable customer data

These apps can serve as a gold mine of data collected from the users. With the registration process, the app can access the user details and use them to deliver more personalized features. Moreover, this information can be aggregated with CRM to enhance the targets with a new approach.

How much does a brand app cost?

The average cost of a brand app can range from $10,000 to $150,000, depending upon the level of integration and features. You can customize the app according to the features you require and create an estimate for building it. 

Be careful as you may get carried away and land up overboard, considering the complexity of features. These include the design and structure of the app and the platform on which it will work. Here is more information on the cost to develop an app

Essential Features of Brand App

Logo and App Icon

This is a core brand visual for the users to get connected. It can be an image, symbol, letter mark, emblem, or a combination of all to create a unique logo. Here’s a list of graphic design courses to choose from to learn more custom skills. With strong and impactful visuals, one can make basic things appear attractive to the users. 


The use of appropriate keywords can help increase interaction with the brand. Including the brand, keywords will create a sure shot way for the users to find what they are looking for in an app. 

Name, Slogan, Style

A catchy name and slogan will intrigue the new users to download and install the app. These can have a huge impact on developing more users with an effective design and marketing style. You can include brand-related colors, mascots, logos, and slogan taglines so that the users get familiar with the brand. 

Product Video

Users are more inclined to watch videos and get useful information from them. A small video or animation of a few seconds can benefit greatly to introduce and promote the brand app. A video creates an easy way to perceive information supplying visual and auditory stimulation for your content marketing. 

Ways to execute your brand app


This helps in building the app with the techniques that are interactive to the user. Details such as signs, tooltips, and tutorials help the user experience positively. The interaction with the users can help the brand create more onboard personalization and deliver better with new updates. Learn how to incorporate mood boards to give your brand a unique identity for a loyal and happy audience worldwide. 

Create Challenges

When users have an incentive like games, leaderboards, bonuses, and badges, they will feel challenged to participate more. This gives them the motivation to earn such virtual awards and loyalty programs that are only available in the app. Moreover, they will be willing to share this success with others and promote your brand application. 

Help and Support

This needs an active interaction to take the user experience with a salt of grain and make improvements. If your app is complex with specific networking and commercial products, users will need support to use the app smoothly. 

Landing Pages

The landing page of an app should give adequate information about the benefits and functions. Moreover, dedicated landing pages for each segment of the app will provide the user with more data. This will enable the user to understand everything that the app can facilitate firsthand. 

Social Networks

Social networks offer marketing and branding strategies for applications using campaigns, competitions, quizzes, and interactive live sessions. They also aid in creating brand awareness and a deciding factor for the user to download the app. 

Right Ambassadors and Leaders

This is a great way to take your app among the masses to build more trust with the stamp of approval of someone they look up to. You can hire influential people to encourage the targeted audience. Besides, their persona will help in building a positive brand image with their opinions.


The desired marketing goal is achievable with the right medium of apps and user relationships. Knowing why a brand app is a good idea to your content marketing will establish a framework for a user-centric app that is practical for your brand.

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