5 Important Hacks for Building Responsive WordPress Website

Every business owner wants to be ahead of its competitors! For that, they carry out many practices. From all, creating responsive websites is one tried and test way that never fails to fascinate. The website is a reflection of your business and it holds the capacity to capture the attention of many users.  It only takes some seconds for the visitors to decide whether they liked the website or not. If they do not, then they move to another responsive WordPress website that appeals the most. And, hence, they have to face more boost in the bounce rate.

Why is a Responsive Website so important?

A website is a composition of several factors, such as graphics, images, content, and so on. The way it seems to the visitors or customers is extremely essential.  Hence, to have an online presence successfully, you require an attractive web layout.  This, surely, can take your business to another level.

For user-friendly and better WordPress responsive websites, the right color, images, theme, visual hierarchy, text style are essential. The intuitive features are vital for a prolific outlook for the visitors.

Assuredly, you are compelled to know the significance of the responsive WordPress website development .  Considering that, we have come up with all the hacks you must know to create the responsive WordPress website. 

What are the Essential Hacks for Creating a Responsive WordPress Website?

Every website element has its own story related to your business. Hence, assure that you have a responsive and user-friendly website to carry out the same. The eCommerce website developers offer an outstanding design that reveals your business aim. For your convenience, here in this article, we have defined the important things to consider to have a responsive website. Find out below:

#1. Mobile-friendly Strategy

Nowadays, the website which is not mobile-friendly is not acceptable. Many customers use mobile phones in comparison to the desktop. Hence, it is essential to assure that your website has a responsive website and is integrated with more appealing features. 

This strategy is best for the engagement of customers or visitors by means of development and designing. The designer can design many parts of the mobile to make it more customer-oriented. For the responsive and mobile-friendly website, you should consider the factors, such as font type, design, loading speed. In addition, assure the WordPress website is fully compatible with each platform.

#2. Better Browsing 

We always prefer quality over quantity in real life and in business as well. Those businesses have remarkable results that leverage the quality aspect the most. Speed and quality are the most significant factors that decide the websites’ future.

Consider the factor that the website that takes less time to load has more chances to get more bounce rate. More time to load makes a bad impression on the audience. Hence, it is essential to monitor WordPress websites. This can be examined on the Google Page Speed Insights. 

For improving the speed, there are many factors that you need to look after, embedded media and page bulkiness is one of them. These factors assist you to examine the website responsiveness without any content loss, better themes, better layout, and particularly, in a better format.

#3. High-quality Themes

The themes are the design or layout of the company’s website seen by each visitor. Design is the one thing that has more influence on the website.

Several platforms are there that help to build the website. However, selecting a better theme is significant for fulfilling the requirements of the brand. We cannot deny that themes add life to the design. Hence, choose the compatible design always. It is advised to neglect the tacky design that is filled overly.

By theme customization, you can develop the changes in the design measures, like, content, height, font, and many more. The adaptable width theme can perform changes as per the design. According to this, you can showcase the content with more videos and images on the theme design.

Assure that the video, image, and content have to be fit in the particular width and height. Even though various software can be used for editing. The clutter on the website can create the WordPress website down in the market, hence, neglect the clutter factor in the design. 

The user-friendly and simple website design without the redundant embellishments and frills must be used. The rough design of the website distracts the visitor’s mind to be a customer. The elegant and unique web design is more engaging. With less interface, you can have a better model. 

#4. Use a fluid Grid

Back in time, many websites mostly rely on measurement, known as Pixels.  Considering these days, the designers started using the Fluid Grid. The grid makes the website elements proportionally, instead of choosing the one particular size.  

This makes it seamless while sizing the things for varied screens.  The elements revert according to the Grid (screen size), not the size that they set to be in the pixels. The responsive grid is categorized into width, height, and columns and is scaled adequately.  

Nothing has set height or width, preferably, it depends on the proportions on how big the screen is. The rules are set for the grid with the modification of the website CSS and code as well.

#5. Consider Icons 

Symbols or icons are valuable in building the website. The beginners comprehend the symbol easily. Though the text may bore the visitors, however, the symbols appeal to them more. Consider when you add more text to the mobile website, then, the visitors rarely read it. 

And, the other main element is that it makes the website appear bulky and also, it might take more time to load. What you can do is replace the text with an icon and hence, can improve its outlook. Additionally, the icons and images could be used to showcase the story behind the content. Include the buttons with recognizable icons. 

Consider adding some icons, to show the visitor about your dealings. Like, you can include an icon of lip shades to let the visitors know that you deal with cosmetic products and makeup. This way, you can make the content more clear and more compact. The icons can be added below or on the sidebar to describe the category.

Winding Up

WordPress website responsive design is nothing but a long term strategy to secure your deeds to be successful. With the evolution of screens, the website also has to fulfill the demands of each browser. Or, precisely, we can say that the website needs to be compatible enough to fit into every screen size.

This act will not only preserve the sanity but, also, saves your budget and also, involves your visitors and satisfies them the most. Here, in this article, we have defined many tips and tricks to make the WordPress website responsive. Every tactic is vital for increasing website traffic.  

Hence, if you thrive to have a successful website, then, lock the best and suitable methods only.

We hope you liked this article. If you have some queries or suggestions, then, let us know in the comment section below. We are here to help you out. 

Thanks for reading!

Emily Johns is an expert wordPress developer and IT consultant. Currently, she is associated with WordSuccor – WordPress customization services company in the US. She has dived through the open-source code for over a decade and shares everything about WordPress and new Web design technologies. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook



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