5 Ways to Boost Your Business Operations with ICT

The rapid development of technology has enabled every single modern-day business to increase productivity levels, provide better services, and establish closer customer bonds. We rely on tech tools daily to communicate, monitor, and update our websites, and to interact via social networks. The world of information and communication technology (ICT) is a vast and versatile one, on a continuous upward trajectory. We can always expect a new, improved solution to pop up, be it for cybersecurity, or an AI-based customer support tool. 

There’s not a single process in your business that remains unaffected by ICT growth and innovation. So, the goal is to embrace it and make the most of what ICT has to offer to businesses and all the individuals building them. Here are a few, carefully selected tips that will show you the capacity of ICT in the right hands and how you can put tech to great use and scale your business with ease.

Streamline your HR processes

Smaller companies counting a handful of employees don’t normally struggle to hand-pick new candidates, interview them, and repeat the process when necessary. Larger and growing organizations, on the other hand, need all the help they can get. To avoid poorly conducted selection processes, unfair filtering, and a myriad of other issues, your HR can use cloud-based software to keep hiring, employee feedback and reviews, and all other employee-related efforts in one place.

A unified system of that nature provides a simple way to handle employee salaries, benefits, leave, holidays, ongoing training, and evaluations. Built-in analytics can further help your organization make the most of what these tools can offer, since data-driven HR decisions are more in line with your capabilities and your brand goals. 

Rely on CRM to boost sales 

Automation has become the holy grail of business growth today. It allows companies to allocate resources more effectively, let employees focus on the most crucial tasks at hand, and free up valuable time for creativity and collaboration. Not to mention that automation through ICT helps eliminate bias from any given process. 

This is particularly useful when you use CRM software for enhancing your sales potential. Modern CRM tools enable multiple integrations with a variety of marketing, analytics, and communication platforms. This, in turn, enables data collation and smarter reporting, which lets your sales team use the information to qualify leads more easily and communicate effectively over a single, secure platform. 

Regular education and employee certification

One pivotal way in which you can maximize the potential and use of all of your ICT tools is to make sure your employees are properly equipped to handle them. That said, everything from website development to cybersecurity is constantly evolving to include more advanced solutions and systems. Your employees require ongoing education, so they can attend ICT online courses and obtain the latest training and certification to handle your ICT needs. 

By expanding their skills and knowledge, you not only give them more to work with to grow your own business, but you also enable their own personal growth. It’s a wonderful way to use all the capabilities of ICT and to make your employees happy through continuous learning and advancement opportunities. 

Simplify customer communication

Every single tool and software solution you use to interact with your customers falls under the scope of ICT. If you have a designated phone system, or VoIP for enabling seamless phone calls to your customer support team, if you have chat support on your site, or use messaging apps built into social media for support, you’re already heavily relying on ICT in its many diverse forms. 

You can expand those efforts and simplify them further by implementing chatbots. These AI-based digital gimmicks are ideal for filtering routine conversations from those that your agents need to address. Plus, being available 24/7 is a major convenience that will boost customer satisfaction. 

In-house PM simplified

Project management (PM) has certainly evolved to a great extent over the past several years. In that time, ICT has redefined what you can do with your teams, no matter how many employees you have in each department. If you want to collaborate with external experts, be it an agency or a freelancer, you can grant them access to these internal communication channels easily.

Most of these PM tools have built-in time-tracking features, combined with monitoring various KPIs, letting you get a glimpse into your team’s productivity and potential gaps in your processes. Data-driven tools are particularly useful for your fast-paced project managers in IT, agile development, and marketing teams. All of these efforts combined under a single roof, known as your chosen PM tool, means that you’ll empower greater transparency, easier cross-department collaboration, and business-wide efficiency. 

These and many other applications of ICT in any business lead to so much more than cutting costs, although many serve that purpose, too. You’ll notice your employees can manage their time better, your business will have a more solid structure, and customer satisfaction will be through the roof. While implementing advanced ICT solutions means investing a portion of your budget, you’ll see that the ROI for such an endeavor is almost immeasurable. Let ICT transform your business and stay open-minded to new ideas that this industry continuously brings to the table. 

Jolene Rutherford is a marketing specialist – turned blogger, currently writing for technivorz.com. Interested in digital marketing and new technology trends. Love sharing content that can help and inform people.

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