6 Ways to Captivate Potential Clients on Social Media

Social media became the hub for many businesses as it turned to be a great place to grow and build a brand. However, as days and technology progress, so does the amount of people and brands banking on social media for their online presence. Competition became stiff and it became a battleground for a lot of companies. 

Another challenge for companies who are doing efforts in social media to grow their audience and widen their reach is the attention span of internet users who seem to get shorter and shorter as years pass by.  So, if you are planning to elevate your social media marketing efforts but you are not really sure if it will work for your advantage, here are some ways to captivate your potential clients on social media.

Find where your customers at and stay where they are 

If you are a newbie in doing social media marketing or if you just want to revamp your old campaign, it is essential to know who your customers are. You may hear or read this a lot when finding tips on how to make your social media strategies work, but this is truly important. Getting to know your audience allows you to create more targeted and relevant content. DigitalAdBlog created a list of 7 Social Media Marketing Tips for your Business which we found very helpful.

Another factor to make your tactic work is to know where your customers are. Find out the social network or platform they mostly spend their time and use that platform. Listen to what they are saying and know what they want that you can offer. This also lets you focus on one or two social media channels instead of creating profiles on all platforms and not being able to manage all of them. 

Create and post interactive contents

Post with pictures seemed to capture social media users before however, these days seem not enough. Stock photos who do not stand out will do nothing for your brand. Social media channels are usually bombarded by a dozen of posts and gives you only split seconds to try to capture the attention of your potential customers. To combat this,  try to do something creative. Make interactive contents that will make you stand out among the social media crowd. 

You may post conversation starters like the latest trends in your industry, ask questions, run polls and surveys, create gif and memes related to your brand, share infographics, and do short tutorial videos to get the attention of your potential clients. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have added a lot of tools that you can utilize for interactive content. You can run a poll on Twitter or ask questions in your IG stories. These are great ways to initiate a connection with your potential clients. Furthermore, these features are all free and have been proven to be effective as several big brands are using it repeatedly. 

Be personal and humanize your brand

Social media audience’s behavior continuously evolves as the years passed. This led brands to shift their approach towards a different tactic. Brands are now breaking the barriers and stripping their corporate aura to give way to a more authentic persona. 

This should be added on your list on how to captivate your future clients. When people see you as a company with a humanized persona, they begin to notice you.

Work on your “behind-the-scenes”. Allow your audience to see what is happening behind your name as a company. As you give them the exclusive feel of sharing something that seemed “personal” to your brand, they will be likely drawn to you. Take them to real-time events, share a sneak peek of a product launch, walk them to your battleground or your office, introduce your staff and create live video streaming where you can encourage a two-way conversation with your audience. 


You can even give time to your employees to take over your social media channels and allow them to interact with your target market. As they do this, they will become your brand’s voice and ambassadors. Aside from the fact that they cost you almost nothing, you can be assured that they really know what they are talking about. 

Leverage through a social media contest

One of the most effective ways to captive potential users in social media is to run a promotion through a contest. It may be just a simple giveaway, a discount, a freebie or a massive campaign, people will be mostly drawn to it. 

People like anything free and they do like to participate in any contest that will give them a valuable reward. Running a contest is a great opportunity to increase your following and promote your brand. Choose the best social channel to launch your promo. Make your promotion exciting to get people to talk about it. If you are just starting out, you can tap an influencer in your industry to run the contest for you. This is effective as it already has a number of followers that can be interested to join your promotion. 

When done effectively, running a social media contest will give you a lot of advantages. You can build a community, grow your following and increase your subscribers. It can also increase engagement in your page and most importantly it can increase your sales. 


Use of CTA

Using call-to-action words will not only attract potential clients but also convert them into paying customers. It is a chance to encourage your audience to move forward and be your client. It is considered one of the most important factors in any ad or campaign. 

Using CTA can do a lot to the effectiveness of your post. Social media platforms have even added button features where you can incorporate CTA in your posts. Despite this, many businesses still fail to remember to put CTA when publishing their content on social media. 

As simple as it may get, but putting CTA can make a big difference. Those few words that require your audience to do something will always prompt your audience to take any action and they will. If you do not use CTA in your posts, you definitely miss opportunities for your customers to click a page, subscribe to your channel or email list, answer a survey or drive them to your website.  


Simple messages that ask your audience to do something – follow us, contact me, message us, reply to us or even share yours – give your post more meaning and purpose as it opens the channel to further engage with your target audience. 

Final Thoughts

Social media has become very crowded and your brand will not survive if you will not do something to capture your target audience. Find your niche market and get to know them better. Use social media as a tool to connect to them and build a strong and deep relationship with them.

John Ocampos is an Opera Singer by profession and a member of the Philippine Tenors. Ever since Digital Marketing has always been his forte. He is the Founder of SEO Guru, and the Managing Director of Tech Hacker. John is also the Strategic SEO and Influencer Marketing Manager of Softvire Australia – the leading software eCommerce company in Australia and New Zealand. Find him on Facebook.

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