Marketing Strategies to Captivate the Existing Customers of your Rental Marketplace

What’s the difference between a new customer and an existing customer in your rental marketplace? 

The new customers might have a slight clue about your online business and must have come to your platform seeing your advertisement or hearing through people. 

The old customer always chooses your service and watches you grow from the budding startup to now a successful marketplace company. 

As a startup, normally you concentrate much on pulling new customers to your platform, but it’s also important to watch your old customers as well. 

So, here in this blog, we are going to present the marketing strategies to captivate the existing customers on your rental marketplace platform. 

Let’s begin. 

1. Talk to your old customers in social media

In today’s world, social media is a wonderful tool to market your rental marketplace business into the world for free. You can win new customers and at the same time, delight your existing customers by posting attractive and cute images, which is adorable. 

You should see Rover, a pet marketplace platform makes cute posts that make every dog owner smile.

You can also strategize your social media posts by making it interactive content with your audience. For instance, you can create a simple Q&A section with your audience, a poll, a small fun game, etc. 

You also can retweet some funny tweets of your users who tagged you. This showcases your caring and cool nature.If you look at the Twitter handle of Airbnb, they have retweeted or commented on tweets made by their customers and other brands.

Also, social media creates an environment where the brand can talk to their customers directly without any barrier and understand their happy and sad times. There are instances where the customers complain about the grievances through Twitter by tagging the brand’s name. This creates awareness among other customers and also to the top authorities of the company. 

Creating awareness creates changes in the customer’s mindset and the image of the brand.  

2. Make your customers happy by offers and discounts

People will like your service more if you give offers and discounts for your rental service. Obviously, we all like offers that lessen the base price of the service. 

Offers and discounts entice users to consider their service and creates a sense of achievement of booking a service at a low price. 

Customers will flood into your platform if you advertise your offers at the right time. You can advertise to your existing customers through a clear and attractive CTA flow of the discount plans and newly offered services through an email or social media. 

Here is an example of Uber advertising to the customers of their new plans. 


3. Include your customers in the Loyalty Club

A loyalty program helps in engaging the existing customers by giving them privileged attention. 

It also benefits companies to identify potential customers from the unpromising ones and also make the customers regularly choose their service. 

You can employ various strategies to get started with the loyalty program. Common loyalty programs are the point system and Premium members. 

The Point system allows customers to earn points making them hunger towards using the platform. Giving points makes them motivated to use the platform often and win exciting rewards. 

The reward can be a free trip to a vacation place, a gift hamper, or a cash prize. 

The premium membership program is one of the great ways to treat existing customers in high esteem. Existing customers who want to subscribe to high benefits and other programs offered by the platform can pay a price to relish it. 

The new type of loyalty program is using the subscription model to help existing customers. 

Take, for instance, the Lyft has introduced the Lyft Pink subscription model to its customers. It offers benefits like 15% off unlimited car rides, Priority airport pickups, Relaxed cancellations, etc. 

4. Being there for them

Building a good bond with the customer helps to create loyal followers around your rental marketplace platform. 

Who wouldn’t like it if our favorite brand looks after us when we go through some inconvenience or trouble? We would be much happy availing to the service if they help with our problems. It also creates a trusted bond with our favorite brand.  

So, make sure you hear their feedback when expressing any grievance. Give them a sincere help when the customer contacts your support team. 

5. Tell your brand story 

Awakening the strong positive emotions customers associate with the brand can lit the face up with a gleeful smile.  

Brands that touch strong emotions in advertising creates a higher rate of remembrance among customers. 

Same way, telling a real-life story of the people, who use the brand religiously, can emotionally connect to other loyal customers of the platform. 

An example of how Airbnb shares the home of the Host, resonating with the other Host providers. 

6. Sharing user-generated content

When the brand shares user-generated content, it creates trust among other fellow customers, who are new to the platform, in booking their service. It also establishes authenticity to your company brand image. 

Most companies share their customer’s reviews or their posted image in online social media channels. 

This tactic creates engagement in social media and creates a talk in the offline world. It also plays a crucial role in increasing the followers of the brand. 

7. Referral programs 

Referral programs can engage and give a sense of responsibility to the existing customers for bringing new customers on-board to receive their bonus gifts or cash back. 

Referral programs can benefit business owners for introducing them to new customers, in turn, increase the sales revenue. It also satisfies the existing customers as they receive a cashback or reward for introducing new customers to their brand. 

Wrapping up 

Keeping your customers engaged is important for any rental marketplace platform to make the brand visible. 

Other than marketing, the design of the platform also plays a crucial role in holding the users long enough. So, ensure to build a great rental marketplace platform from scratch or customize the existing pre-built rental Airbnb Clone scripts. 

I hope this blog gives a clear idea to impressing and holding the attention of the users. 

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