The Importance of Work/Life/Travel Stability for Digital Nomads

With the advancement of technology and the level of connectivity the Internet offers us today, an increasing number of people are deciding to live their best life by opting for the digital nomad lifestyle. But even though this lifestyle offers numerous benefits, including the chance to explore the world at your own pace, the freedom it gives can also make it quite challenging to set goals and boundaries and find the ideal work/life balance, especially for digital nomads who are…

The Freelancer’s Guide to Building a Home Office that Works

So, you’ve taken the big step and decided freelance life is the best way for you to go professionally speaking. That’s a bold decision that shows you’re already ready for the challenges that will definitely come. However, before you start worrying about how to grow your client base and getting new clients, you need a nice home office so you won’t ruin your back working on the kitchen table.  Sure, you may think that freelancing is all about going from…

6 Ways to Captivate Potential Clients on Social Media

Social media became the hub for many businesses as it turned to be a great place to grow and build a brand. However, as days and technology progress, so does the amount of people and brands banking on social media for their online presence. Competition became stiff and it became a battleground for a lot of companies. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Start Your Digital Marketing Agency

If you wanted to establish a digital marketing agency 20 years ago, the hurdles to entry were massive. With a basic digital landscape, the costs to develop such large-scale business was intimidating, and almost unachievable without sufficient capital. Apart from hefty startup costs, there were a number of other factors including physical and human resources without which starting a fully functional digital marketing agency was simply not possible.

HR Flexibility for the Growing Company

There are many incredibly important business areas that a company needs to succeed. Each plays their own role and without all working together, finding success isn’t always easy. One of the most important business areas is that of HR. An HR (human resources) department is all about essentially managing all resources that are closely related to employees.

7 Health Tips for Content Writers to Stay Focused

Strong writing, grammar, and research are the key skills of a professional content writer. But, possessing these key skills is not enough. In order to put these key skills into play, a content writer should be able to stay focused throughout. Hence, if you’re unable to stay focused because of back pain or something, then possessing these key skills won’t do you any good.

The Ultimate Guide to Freelance Writing For Beginners

So, you want to be a freelancer. What this means for you is a job which is not even a job because you sit at home all day long, eat ice cream, watch Netflix, and write a few articles from time to time. There are plenty of remote writing jobs out there from small and medium businesses to large corporations that seek writing talent from around the world.