7 Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers of 2020

Themes are incredibly important for a WordPress site. It’s the first meeting point between you and your readers, and first impressions are important. When it comes to writing and blogging, WordPress themes for writers should accentuate the content and the power of words, while keeping things visually pleasing at the same time.

Your Guide to Getting Started With Social Media Reporting

Having a social media presence is essential. But it is also essential to know how well your online content performs and whether or not your social media campaigns are working. If you are responsible for your company’s social media presence, it is natural to feel the pressure.

7 Restaurant Marketing Tips During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Marketing your restaurant has just become ten times harder amid the Coronavirus pandemic. It doesn’t matter whether you got the OK to open your outdoor location or you’re still closed. You need to invest time and resources into your marketing efforts if you want your restaurant to survive. The main areas you need to focus on when it comes to restaurant marketing during COVID-19 are online ordering & perks, and social media interaction. Reaching out to customers over social media…

Top 5 Android Browsers for Android Smartphones

Currently, the internet has become part of our life, and we find everything In it. Texting, calling, receiving mails, and scrolling social media is all about having internet access. Therefore, using smartphones to access the internet needs high-quality browsers. Having a web browser is very crucial for any smartphone. Google allows Android users to have access to any web browser published with the play store giving the smartphones a more extensive range of browsers than other iOS devices.

Promoting Your Mobile App Through YouTube Channels

While the mobile app business is increasingly getting competitive, app makers frequently depend on video ads to make the app’s value proposition more convincing to the potential audience. Since mobile video ads enjoy greater audience engagement, YouTube, as the leading video platform, has become one of the most popular marketing channels.