5 Creative Ways to Promote Your App

Mobile applications have brought the whole world under a single screen. There is an app for everything that you can think of. Feeling hungry after a long day work, cooking is the last thing that you would like to do, ‘Abra-ca-dabra’ you have food at your footsteps. If you can’t afford an educator, you can rely on trusted apps for all the knowledge. It’s that simple. Everything is available at fingertips with apps. Life today has become easier than ever…

A 9 Step SEO Audit Process to Boost your Google Rankings

Search Engine Optimization Audit or SEO audit is the process of evaluating the friendliness of the search engines towards a website based on several factors. The main idea behind an SEO audit is to ensure that the site is optimized to achieve a high ranking in the search engine results page (SERP).

Overcome the Challenges Faced in a Taxi Market With an Uber Clone App

Ever since the evolution of online taxi apps, people are leaning towards them for travelling on a regular basis. Many entrepreneurs are launching Uber clone apps to develop their taxi business. But the traditional taxi service is facing a slight crisis since their sales have dropped down.

How to Market Yourself to Grow in Your Career

An employee is the cornerstone of an institute or an organization. A multitude of tasks is to be carried out by the people in this department. There are places that only a trained professional can tread into. With that many responsibilities, all institutes and companies are always on the lookout for a competition with the most advanced skill set.