Marketing Strategies to Captivate the Existing Customers of your Rental Marketplace

What’s the difference between a new customer and an existing customer in your rental marketplace?  The new customers might have a slight clue about your online business and must have come to your platform seeing your advertisement or hearing through people.  The old customer always chooses your service and watches you grow from the budding startup to now a successful marketplace company. 

How to Run Your Company Social Profiles Without Agency

Social media profiles are a must for every business nowadays. However, you might not have the required capital to hire a social media marketing agency. We have made the strategies easy for you, by breaking down in steps, including tips for how to sell non-technical products.   Choose The Right Platform The strategy for social media marketing your posts should vary according to the type of platform you prefer. Each platform markets content in its own unique manner. Instagram, a…

7 Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers of 2020

Themes are incredibly important for a WordPress site. It’s the first meeting point between you and your readers, and first impressions are important. When it comes to writing and blogging, WordPress themes for writers should accentuate the content and the power of words, while keeping things visually pleasing at the same time.

Your Guide to Getting Started With Social Media Reporting

Having a social media presence is essential. But it is also essential to know how well your online content performs and whether or not your social media campaigns are working. If you are responsible for your company’s social media presence, it is natural to feel the pressure.