How Does Social Media Management Work?

A recent study shows that 3.5 billion people, approximately half the world’s population, are active internet users. It’s the main reason why a significant number of businesses have an online presence. But running social media accounts to attract and engage customers can be tough for any company, especially when there is a need to focus on other departments. When faced with such a situation, businesses are better off hiring a social media agency to help out.  Whether you want to entice the…

4 Examples of Effective Content Strategies for Small Businesses

It is becoming increasingly tough to stand out among emerging businesses and startups offering practically similar products. In a well-saturated business landscape, how does one get noticed? Across Fortune 500 companies and rookie businesses, there is one tool that seems to work flawlessly and consistently: unique content.

13 Ways To Promote Your Twitter

Twitter allows you to grab the attention of the users with less than 150 characters. Get creative tweeting your thoughts, ideas, posts, and garner attention from users. You can increase your fan following using these techniques to promote on Twitter. Start better conversations on this platform and convert users to loyal patrons who look forward to your tweets. Here’s how you keep your audience engaged.

Rise of the Micro-Influencer: How Effective Are They for Marketing

Influencer marketing has been around for a while now, which means influencer strategies have matured and diversified. The shift towards micro influencers is one such trend in social media marketing, where brands turn to social influencers with smaller followings to promote their products or services to small clusters of passionate followers.

7 Essential Tips for Salon Influencer Marketing

Certainly, getting customers to your Salon is a tough job! Managing this type of business is complicated for several reasons.  When it is about the Salon industry, loyalty is paramount.  For those who have just started their Salon business, making the breakthrough is evident to thrive. That’s why many of these Salons folded it up after a few months. Here, the need for Influencer marketing arrives. 

20 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business

Instagram Stories are a powerful tool for your social media marketing campaign. They help get more exposure, increase engagement levels, and even get valuable customer feedback. Here are twenty ideas to help you improve your Instagram Stories and promote your business.

Writing Branded Content on Facebook: 6 Things to Consider

Whether you work as an independent blogger or as a marketing professional in a large international company, introducing your brand to the world at large can be a challenge. In recent years, social media platforms have spiked in popularity due to the sheer level of access available through smartphones and affordable personal computers. According to statistics by Zephoria, more than 2 billion people enjoy Facebook across the globe, with 1.49 billion active daily users and over 1 billion mobile users…