Why Images Are So Important to Social Media Engagement?

Many types of research have shown that people tend to remember only 10% of what they have learned once 72 hours i.e. 3 days have passed. But, if we were to pair a fitting image with that content, it was found that people could retain 65% of the information even after 3 days.  Images used in your social media (and by definition, your blog content) are far more attention-grabbing than text or plain old links, more likely to be shared,…

Your Guide to Getting Started With Social Media Reporting

Having a social media presence is essential. But it is also essential to know how well your online content performs and whether or not your social media campaigns are working. If you are responsible for your company’s social media presence, it is natural to feel the pressure.

7 Social Media Analytics Tools Marketers Love (and Why)

How’s your social media marketing doing? That’s right, businesses should have a presence in social networks. But it’s not enough to launch a Facebook community or ad campaign: you should also track their results. That’s when social media analytics steps in.  In this guide, I’m explaining why social media analytics matter, as well as showing tools that can help you in efficiency tracking. Let’s get started.

9 Social Media Guidelines To Streamline Your Presence

Expanding your brand on social media can drive more footfalls in your business. More and more people today are joining different social media networks, and businesses should take advantage of it. No matter whether your business is small or big, a huge chunk of the audience is left out if you don’t establish your network over social media.

6 Ways to Captivate Potential Clients on Social Media

Social media became the hub for many businesses as it turned to be a great place to grow and build a brand. However, as days and technology progress, so does the amount of people and brands banking on social media for their online presence. Competition became stiff and it became a battleground for a lot of companies. 

How to Book More Clients Through Instagram

Instagram is only one of several social media platforms that are necessary if you want to run a successful business. It’s important to understand how this platform runs and how you can make the most use of it. A little different from all other platforms, Instagram has a unique way of doing things that can really pump up your business when done properly. 

3 Essential Instagram Analytics Tools for Your Business

Everyone is on Instagram nowadays – ok, almost everyone has an Instagram account and spends hours and hours watching/liking photos/videos. Probably, some users of this social network are already your clients. Others may become close to your business in one way or another. By analyzing Instagram data, you can convert it into real profit. To do so, you can use one of the following tools for Instagram account analytics.

Common Instagram Engagement Rate Issues And How to Overcome Them

Instagram engagement rate is an essential metric for any business to track. Your Instagram engagement rate is a number that gauges how much engagement (such as likes and comments) you’re getting on Instagram — in other words, how much your followers are interacting with the content you post.

Promoting Your Mobile App Through Influencer Marketing

Are you struggling to promote your application? Are you searching out ways to spread the word about your application among your audience?  Well, even if you lost some hopes, then don’t worry because influencer marketing is the right and trendy digital marketing strategy to promote your brand.  Of course, influencer marketing is not an easy nut to crack. However, with suitable planning and impactful campaigns, influencer marketing isn’t challenging. 

Using the Power of Social Media Icons for Better Instagram Marketing

There are lots of Instagram assets that you can use for your marketing purposes and make the best use of social media platforms and your followers. You can even use the logos, icons, and screenshots that you will typically find on the Brand Resources site.