8 Tips to Successfully Market Your Cloud Kitchen

As you might already be aware, a Cloud Kitchen, also known as Virtual Kitchen or Ghost Kitchen, is a restaurant that operates almost entirely online. It does not offer a dine-in place to its customers. It is a commercial kitchen where dishes are prepared and then sent off for delivery. There is no seating arrangement or takeaway. Customers can order food from these Cloud Kitchens online- through websites, third-party apps or the cloud kitchen’s app.

Marketing your cloud kitchen right is an integral part of ensuring its success. You might have great food at your outlet but without the right promotions, you will not be able to amplify your reach. There are many ways you can do this. Here is our pick of 8 things you can use to bring in more business for your cloud kitchen

Do Social Media Promotions

Social Media can do wonders in helping you build a reputation for your brand. More than 67% of restaurants in the US in 2019 are using social media in their marketing strategies. Keep creating content online to engage your customers and they will be more likely to visit you time and again. Everyone spends a ton of time scrolling on social media, the leading ones being Instagram and Facebook. Why not make use of these platforms to reach out to potential customers? You could create fun videos, post tempting pictures of scrumptious dishes and so on. Make sure to use eye-catching visuals and stunning designs to increase engagement rates.

Use Email and SMS

Email and SMS continue to be an important channel for generating orders for restaurateurs. Restaurants either create or buy customer databases and use them as channels to generate more business. Make us of festivities, discounts to lure in your customers. Be relentless, innovative and smart with your messages and you will be rewarded.

Create a beautiful website

The website is basically the endpoint of your campaigns. You might have amazing content on your emails or stunning designs on social, but it all boils down to how good your website is to get the customer order. Your website must have seamless checkouts, appealing menus, credibility enhancing reviews and more. A good website will lead to more conversions and thereby more business. It could be a deal-breaker when it comes to your business’ success.

Make use of Online Listings

It is 2020. Today, it is highly unlikely that one would step into a new café or restaurant without doing a quick Google search first. You must list your restaurant on food review sites that are visited by thousands of people every day. This way, you can receive ratings, food reviews, other feedback- all of which can help improve your reach. Online listing includes Google, Yahoo, Yelp and other leading Domain Authority Websites.

Create Loyalty Programmes

What is the best way to make sure your existing customers keep coming back to you? Loyalty Programs. A Restaurant Loyalty Program awards pointы to customers with every visit they make. These points can also be given if they choose to share reviews online or post pictures of their food on Instagram while tagging the restaurant. You could also offer referral codes or discount coupons once customers have earned a fixed number of points.

Create a Restaurant Blog

Running a designated blog for your restaurant is an excellent way to engage customers. You can post about new menu items, stories about how you designed your restaurant, why you’ve selected a certain theme and so on. In this way, you add a personal touch to your business- this always has a positive impact on customers. Blogs help you not only build a connection with your customers but it fortifies your online presence.

Use Influencer Marketing

Influencers can help you immensely to spread the word about your restaurant. They have thousands or millions of followers. Every post they make on Instagram is bound to be seen by a huge number of people every second. So, if you collaborate with a popular influencer and he or she posts about your restaurant, a lot more people will be curious and want to visit. Make to define a few metrics like audience reach, average post engagement, number of followers and so on to understand the ROI of each influencer.

Packaging and branding

If you take a look at some of the leading cloud kitchens, you’ll see that their packaging really stands out. Imagine, if you only have a delivery model, you really are going all-in on a single channel. You really cannot have any loose ends. Invest in beautiful packaging so that you pique the interest of your customers and the people near them. As far as branding goes, you should be sure to have a well-defined brand story that can be pushed in all your digital channels. Customers should connect with you and your story for you to build a loyal customer base.

Now that you know all the things to keep in mind while setting up a Cloud Kitchen, go ahead and get started! Having a disciplined approach to go about your marketing can help you create a mark in the ever so competitive restaurant industry. Cheers!

Aditya Sarkar is a Marketing Specialist at LimeTray. When he isn’t creating content or running ads, he likes travelling, playing all kinds of sports and chilling out with friends!

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