5 Content Marketing KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Coming up with a great content marketing strategy requires proper ideation, trials and errors, and optimization. For this, you need to thoroughly evaluate the performance of your content marketing efforts from time to time.

However, marketers often struggle to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns. If you find yourself in the same boat, don’t worry.

You can track the 5 content marketing KPIs below to start with.

1. Site Traffic

A number of online tools can help you get insights into your website’s traffic. You will get to learn about the channels that are driving you the most traffic. You can also gain insights about your readers and what topics pique their interest.

Gauging how many people visit your website on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is crucial.

2. Engagement Rate

Your content’s engagement rate is a good indicator of its likeability and effectiveness. Take a closer look at the number of likes, comments, and shares your content generates to see if it is engaging.

Another simple metric to track is the amount of time your audience spends with your content. If the average time spent is 30 seconds for a 2,000-word article, your content probably requires some polishing.

3. Inbound Links

When other websites link back to your content, it will help you get more traffic. You should closely monitor the quantity and the quality of your inbound links.

While viral content pieces don’t always generate sales, they can help you build brand awareness and climb up the SERPs.

4. Click-Through Rate

Your content pieces should include relevant calls-to-action (CTAs) that direct your audience to take a particular action. You can ask readers to visit a specific page, download a resource, register for an event, or take any other action.

Click-through rates will tell you about the types of content that drive the most clicks.

5. Conversion Rate

Your engagement rate, site traffic, and inbound links will offer key insights about the quality of your content. However, your conversion rate will tell you whether your content is reaching the right people.

To monitor which pieces of content are most effective in driving conversions, you can use UTM links.

Final Thoughts

It may take weeks or months to generate real profits from your content marketing campaigns.

If you want to accelerate the process, you should leverage the right content marketing platforms. I’ve collated a list of some of the best ones in one of my posts on ShaneBarker.com.


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