5 Ways of Doing Content Marketing Using Pinterest

Pinterest is an image-driven social media platform that has witnessed rising popularity in the past few years. It was originally ad-free but recently got monetized. With users now topping around 110 million, there is no better time to learn how to reach customers with Pinterest’s organic or paid posts. 

Let’s have a look at some handy tips for doing content marketing through Pinterest, compiled by experts from a digital marketing agency based in Montreal:

Publishing interesting and top-quality content on the site

The first step to Pinterest success is publishing images and content people want to see & read. There is a plethora of content online but the content to be published should provide users real-time value that is unique and unmatched.

Businesses must think about who their followers are (as per Pinterest demographics, they are mainly women). Accordingly, they should cultivate a niche that works for them and publish relevant content. They should always use high-resolution images aligning with the linked content.

Relevance will help build trust with the audience and it helps in retaining them. Important things to include in pinned content should be:

  • A headline/title that is captivating and easy to search.
  • High-quality image.
  • An engaging copy.

Once the content has been written, designed and published with one top-quality image, the business is then ready to share it with their Pinterest audience.

If the business’s website has a Pinterest plugin, they can do Pinterest marketing easily. In the absence of a plugin, businesses can open their Pinterest account and submit it manually either through creating a pin or selecting a board with a relevant topic. They can also use the ‘pin-it’ feature on their browser.

The following things should be kept in mind when publishing on Pinterest:

  • Images should be sized properly and should also be of high resolution. Attractive imagery should be used and must sync with the business’s site and being appropriate for the platform too.
  • An interesting and easy to search headline should be added specifically to the Pinterest audience.
  • Include a link to branded content as well.

Optimizing relevant keywords and topics

Businesses must ensure that their keywords and topic selections are optimized when being published. With the platform integrated well with Google Search and Facebook, it gives content marketers a chance to reach a wider audience.

Pinterest users rely mainly on the search function to navigate the category wise. Hence, businesses must make that relevant to their content by including relevant keywords and proper tagging. It helps increase the chances of their content being found in search.

The average Pinterest user spends around 158 minutes on the site per visit hence businesses have their attention. They must look for themes that have not been explored in order to get more exposure.

Using Pinterest ads in promoting pins with paid ads

Brands and businesses can create ad campaigns based on awareness, engagement, and traffic. Brand awareness is paid based on a thousand impressions, while businesses are charged each time a user taps on, enlarges, re-pins saves a pin or clicks on it. Through traffic campaigns, businesses and brands pay for every click-through on their pin.

Businesses only pay for direct promotion through promoted pins. If someone shares a pin promoted by the business and another user clicks on it, the click for them is free. According to Pinterest, brands get an average of 30% free engagement whenever they carry out promoted pin campaigns.

Promoting pins with video and rich pins

The platform recently released promoted video pins targeted at mobile users. They include an animated GIF and give users access to the complete video when clicked upon.

Businesses can add up to six additional pins below their promoted video without an additional cost. These pins display in a carousel format under the video, and they can be used to promote either the video content or be used in sharing additional information.

Placing the Pinterest pin at the correct time

Though Pinterest posts hardly getaway, there is always an ideal time to post. The best time to post on it is 5 PM on Fridays, between 8-11 PM on Saturdays or between 2 and 4 AM on weekdays. If businesses wish to pin during the day, they should do it between either 2 and 4 PM or between 8 PM and 1 AM. In these times most users are on Pinterest and will see and react to the pins.

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