How the Coronavirus Crisis Will Impact Digital Marketing?

The Coronavirus has changed a lot of consumer and producer behavior, which has also affected marketing strategies. The sudden outbreak of the virus resulted in widespread lockdowns worldwide that forced people to increase their digital media usage. Online became the norm for everything – from telecommunication to E-commerce, and from E-Education to telehealth. 

As more and more people started seeking services online, marketers began to invest more in digital marketing. Although online marketing tools became a part of almost every company’s marketing plan well before the Coronavirus, the pandemic has made it an absolute necessity. Not only is it being used to increase online sales, but digital marketing has also been widely used, throughout the pandemic, to disseminate information about the pandemic.

There are several ways digital marketing has been affected by the Coronavirus Crisis. Let’s have a look at the change in trends of Digital Marketing as a result of Coronavirus: 


Online Shopping Trends and Personalization 

More than 90% of the people around the world have shifted to online shopping in the year 2020. From basics such as grocery and everyday items to clothing, healthcare, and electronics, buyers purchase things online. 

In the past few months, shopping online was out of necessity because people were asked to avoid public places as much as possible. However, researchers predict that people would get so used to online shopping that they will continue to do so even after the pandemic is over. 

A survey conducted of more than 700 people found that more than 90% of the parents are buying stationery and back-to-school items online. Moreover, people are also actively buying cleaning and personal hygiene products, including home cleaners, masks and bulk hand sanitiser online.

Home delivery services like Instacart and Amazon are looking to expand their employees due to the increased purchases. People now tend to get things through online services like Amazon, Giant, and Kroger, etc. rather than going out themselves. This changed customer behavior is resulting in more personalized digital marketing tactics by the businesses. 


B2B Embraces Digital Marketing

Traditionally, B2B marketing largely depends on physical interactions and meetings. The coronavirus outbreak made it impossible to hold physical meetings, thus pushing the reluctant B2B industry in the arms of digital marketing. After the pandemic, B2B marketers, who traditionally lacked a robust internet presence, had to shift online as well. 

In most cases, B2B companies had to overhaul their marketing strategies and now more focused on creating websites, social media pages, and marketing budgets for online marketing, etc. It is not surprising, considering that, in the current circumstances, it is essential for each business to have a digital presence. 

Surprisingly, B2B companies had more success advertising digitally then they thought possible. Experts state that these companies might stick to digital marketing long after the pandemic is over. 


More Internet More Digital Marketing

The use of the internet increased exponentially after the outbreak of Coronavirus, as more people were staying indoors. The only way people felt connected with what’s happening around the world was through the internet and social media. 

According to OpenVault’s Broadband Insights Report, the use of broadband consumption raised about 47% in the year 2020. Video streaming apps such as Disney+ and Netflix also experienced a huge rise in viewers. Apart from that, social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram drastically saw a rise in the audience’s usage time. 

The increased use of digital media in the past few months encouraged businesses to use it as an opportunity to let people know about their products/ services.  PPC and programmatic campaigns gained popularity in the past few months amongst digital marketers. 

Moreover, Facebook and Google also launched programs that offered low-cost ads and bonuses for people to advertise their businesses online. This proved to be a win-win situation for businesses and marketers as the world is already using the internet more than usual, and they can put their ads without paying a huge amount for online advertisement.


Time for Brand Awareness 

During the pandemic, people are buying need-based items rather than want-based items. If your business is about a non-essential or a luxury product, you can use social media as a tool to build brand awareness and tell your story to and gain customer trust. 

Several luxury brands such as LV, H&M, and Zara produced masks as soon as the virus out broke. No one would be willing to buy luxury clothing during a time like this, which is why you can pivot and look for alternate options.

In the meantime, several brands are using social media as a tool to show support and assistance to people in need. Several websites also have a tab for COVID-19 updates and are regularly publishing content on their social media for COVID guidelines. 

So, the brands that are not using social media to sell their products are creatively engaging people via online live sessions, COVID-19 support, and other helpful content. Once the pandemic is over, and people are back to their normal purchasing behavior, they would recognize your brand as a result of your digital marketing during this time.


The times are uncertain; however, the world is adapting to the new normal. The new normal has a lot of digital opportunities for businesses and to expand their audience via social media. Social media marketing provides a seamless and cheaper alternative to market your products as compared to the conventional modes of marketing. 

Digital marketing is now considered as the most efficient and effective mode to market your products. Low CPM and CPC prices during the pandemic have also provided users with a good opportunity to plan their marketing budgets. For digital marketers who weren’t keeping sufficient budget before on online marketing, now is the time to re-strategize and think of improving the digital marketing plans.  

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