5 Best cPanel Alternative Options to Manage Your Server

Times are changing very fast in technology. While some time ago, cPanel was revolutionizing website hosting management, the current reality shows that trends are quickly evolving. Since cPanel announced various changes in their pricing policy, many resellers discovered that their selling strategy didn’t make sense anymore. Are you curious to find which are the alternatives? cPanel is not the only hosting control panel on the market.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other options available which you can try at more affordable prices. The existing alternatives offer a similar management experience. Another great thing is that some of them are 100% free. So, why not give it a try? If you want to discover which are the best cPanel alternative options, then you shouldn’t miss this article.


This is not a free alternative to cPanel, but its costs are significantly reduced. The monthly fee is $9.16 for a maximum of 10 domains. If you want to have access to developer tools, then you will have to pay $13.75 per month. The third option is the most expensive, but it allows you to build and grow your hosting business with $41.25 per month. Plesk wins its clients with a user-friendly interface. You can easily control your website hosting thanks to the control panel that you can find on the left side of your website page.

Plesk functions and features are very similar to cPanel. Thus, the transition from one tool to another won’t be challenging. You can easily manage your files and users, configure email accounts, or create databases. Also, Plesk follows similar security options as cPanel. Finally, Plesk can be used not only with Linux servers, as cPanel does, but also with the Windows ones.


This free tool is using Linux Web Hosting. ZesleCP producers thought of this Free Ubuntu, Centos Linux Web Hosting control panel as an excellent alternative to cPanel, allowing users to manage servers without ssh console for any minor detail. Another great advantage of ZesleCP is that you can add multiple domains without too much trouble. Plus, you can also add subdomains.

It is necessary just one click, and you can easily install WordPress to develop your website. Also, the installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate can be done for free and without difficulty. Also, you can easily configure PHP settings and manage your email accounts. Finally, access to phpMyAdmin can be done without too much hustle.


This is one of the cPanel alternatives, which is very popular among users. Its interface and functionalities are very similar to cPanel which makes its configuration and management extremely easy. Its most significant advantage is that it is free. So, you will be able to configure your website entirely without any cost. You will receive access to server controls from where you can store, manage, and protect your content.

Its downside is that the installation is not as easy as many users would expect. You may have difficulties organizing Webmin and choose the theme for your website. However, there are many voices complaining about the poor user interface. Webmin is working only for Linux servers. Thus, if you are running Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS servers, then you won’t have any problem installing Webmin. If you are an experienced developer, you can easily modify the source code in the control panel.

Vesta CP

One of the biggest reasons why users prefer Vesta CP is that it is one of the best-organized website hosting control panel. You can quickly identify and use its features by accessing the top menu. Thus, you will have everything close at hand, which will save you a lot of time and effort. Vesta CP comes with a unique feature that has contributed a lot to its popularity. This tool creates full-color graphs giving you information on your web traffic and site bandwidth. Thus, you will find it easier to monitor your performance and identify the weak points where you will have to work more.

Vesta CP comes with several security features. It offers you the possibility to disable the root user and comes with the best linux firewall. As long as you use the security features properly, you shouldn’t be afraid of any hacks and risks associated with your website.


This is a free alternative to cPanel solutions, helping experienced users manage multiple websites. In comparison to cPanel, it doesn’t include a built-in file manager. Therefore, you should think of an FTP to move your files from one site to another. When you are a developer, and you build websites from your clients, then you can use Froxlor as a free alternative to cPanel.

The control panel is excellent to help you manage the resources identified on the owner’s website. In addition, it includes specific features that can allow visitors to create support tickets directly on the site. You can respond to them using Froxlor. It also offers free encryption certificates to increase your website security.

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While cPanel is a top-rated application to manage websites using Linux servers, there are plenty of alternatives that you can use and benefit from the same features. Even better, many of the options above won’t cost you anything. So, you can offer your users the same experience and simplify your work using other website hosting management solutions that have similar features and zero costs.

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