Why Digital Marketing Automation Is Your Way to Business Success

The appearance of the Internet changed the world forever. Every single aspect of life took a new turn with the ray of opportunities the Internet revealed. Every industry took its chance and saw a boom of development and thriving. Businesses expanded and placed their products and services on an online catalog to make them available for people all over the world. All in all, companies saw no limits when it comes to online sales.

However, not much time has passed since thousands of businesses realized the potential of the Internet. Now, companies offering services/products from the same niche became competitors even though they come from different parts of the world. Thus, the fight for buyers began. How to place the product/service on the market, so it becomes available for those who need it and wants to buy it? The more companies grow, the harder it is to keep up with the increasing number of customers, to tend to their needs as well as, at the same time, to work on finding new potential buyers.

Fortunately, there is a solution that made the whole process a lot easier. It is called digital marketing automation. Not only did it facilitate and streamline the flow of work for the business managers but also it helped potential buyers convert into returning customers. Let’s see what is digital marketing automation all about.

Digital Marketing Automation Defined

Digital Marketing Automation is defined as the use of software platforms and technologies that are specifically created for the marketing departments of the business organizations to achieve the marketing goals effectively on multiple channels online including email, social medial, websites, etc. as well as automate the tasks that continually repeat. Since its appearance and development, it has helped millions of businesses create a successful digital marketing strategy.

How Digital Marketing Automation Works

The software, or the tools, allows the marketers to simplify the business – client communication by automating and managing the complex channel marketing strategy by using a single tool. This type of software helps the business in lead generation, lead nurturing, segmentation, lead scoring, relationship marketing, retention, ROI measurement and cross-sell and upsell.

Value from Marketing Automation Tools

If successfully implemented and maintained, the digital marketing automation strategy will bring a plethora of benefits to the business. Here are the most notable valuable points.

  • Less staffing costs. When the marketing process is digitalized and automated, you won’t need a lot of employees carrying out marketing activities. Thus you can save money that you can use for budgets intended for other segments of the business. Since all the marketing activities can be managed from one platform, you would only need one expert for the chosen marketing platform to manage the process.
  • Increase ineffectiveness. Not only will you save money but also you will save time. As the whole process becomes streamlined, the marketer can dedicate a lot of their working time to improving other aspects of the marketing strategy instead to do mundane tasks one by one.
  • Improve ROI. With the marketing automation tools, you can automate the cross-sells, upsells, and follow-ups in email marketing which will have a huge effect on the revenue and deal size.
  • A clear overlook of processes. As everything will be laid out, everyone in the company can track the responsible team members for specific tasks and easily pinpoint an issue if it arises.
  • Open possibilities for creativity growth. You can dedicate a lot of the saved time to work on your creative approach and try to bring in more deals by yourself.

The Most Popular Digital Automation Marketing Tools

There are several alternatives you can choose from when it comes to the best digital marketing automation tools. They all have their pros and cons; however, to successfully implement it, you might need some help from a marketing automation agency certified for the particular tool of choice. Here are the best picks and top voted tools.


One of the world’s most popular digital marketing automation tools is Marketo. It is a product under the hat of Adobe, and it covers any channel and every engagement. It offers a full range of services such as email marketing, social marketing, budget management, lead nurturing, website personalization, and many, many more. The pricing depends on the requests of clients, so it is safe to say that the packages are tailor-made.


This tool is designed to send meaningful messages to the customers at specific times when they are the most engaged. This way, this tool achieves its goal to strengthen the relationship between the businesses and their clients. Moreover, it is designed to recognize the customer’s behavior and, as a result, specific emails are automatically triggered. Prices range from $150 – $1.000+ per month, based on features and support.


HubSpot was first created to be an inbound marketing software. However, it was further developed to offer excellent digital marketing automation services. It is easy to be used, and its advantage is that it crafts conditional workflows. However, to acquire all the knowledge necessary for managing it, you need to get on board on one of their HubSpot Academies where you will be trained to use the tool. The prices range from $70-$4.400+ per month depending on features and scale.

The Bottom Line

The automation of digital marketing is a step further in establishing reliable and lasting relationships with customers. Plus, it takes a lot of your busy time and streamlines it by automation, leaving you free to focus on the execution of other tasks. The benefits of using digital marketing automation tools are huge, and the price you pay for them pays off fast.

In the beginning, you might need an expert directing you and instructing you how to use the software, but once you learn the basics, you will be able to run your marketing automation strategy. You can automate your email marketing, social media posting, find new leads, nurture them, and build a customer’s journey path that will lead directly to sales.

 Hannah Derby is a digital marketer who is enthusiastic about trying out the newest trends and innovations in the digital marketing industry and helping businesses advance. She is also using her knowledge and expertise gained from a JTF Marketing training that raised her interest in the marketing automation industry

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