The Reason Why Direct Mail Advertising is so Successful

A recent survey found that 87 percent of people who purchased products via Direct Mail Advertising were satisfied with the ease of purchase and convenience and the value of the product. 

Why is Direct Mail advertising so successful?

Targeted address lists, flexible options, high-quality inserts, and efficient use of advertising dollars are the main reasons for the huge success in this field. Based on previous results the Return on Investment ( ROI) can be easily predicted so that the targeting criteria can be further optimized. With each success marketers will be able to learn how to measure response and reduce costs while increasing profits.

The advantages of Direct Mail Advertising

  • It generates more sales as it is sent to a target audience who has some interest in this product
  • Acquires new customers with every product
  • Reaches a vast area of land compared to other forms of email marketing
  • Enables people in the countryside or isolated areas to browse, select and buy products they need
  • Allow people who are disabled (handicapped) to buy products they love
  • People who love to get mail are fascinated by the inserts and may need a product that is advertised
  • Allows information exchange from customer to the customer via friends, families, or other groups that share one address.
  • Products may be introduced through the mail and then be the subject of cold telephone or in-person calls to the customer
  • It may be used as a test for the introduction to new products.
  • Added familiarity with products can stimulate larger purchases in the future

The ad insert is one of the most important and pivotal items in this advertising method. Some clients might just throw out the envelope if it looks like another piece of “junk mail” The way to get people’s attention is to mark the offer on the envelope itself along with some advantages to the offer if they open it; free sticker, free stamps, free coupon for takeout, anything. Items such as bookmarks, postcards, savings coupons, percentage off coupons, free CDs or DVDs, and even free gardening books, etc., are instant attractions that the customer who is encouraged to open the envelope is grabbing.

Now that we get the target audience’s attention, how do we make the sale?

Sending two mailers to a thousand customers is better than sending one email to 2000 customers. Another way to catch their attention is to send offers in separate envelopes so you can add more ads or fillers in each envelope.

The customer always finds postcards attractive and reusable but they do not hold much information. A flyer with coupons and other information is the next best choice. Putting too much information is not a good idea, but a colorful insert with a small coupon or a colorful bookmark on the backside that can link to your website.

One of the best ways of creating the insert is using the self-mailers. These are similar to the old Aerogramme which was a piece of paper that could be shaped and folded into a mailer with sticky edges. Some of the latest Direct Mail Advertising strategies also include plastic or clear envelopes through which the potential consumer can see the attractive contents, envelopes that look like personal email or handwritten printing style postcards that imitate the mail of a distant relative.

Direct Mail Advertising is a great stretch from the days when leaflets are handed out at corners of the store. This method allows us to pre-determine consumers who may be interested in a product and then to directly provide them with the information to ensure maximum success.

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