How to Earn Money With Instagram Filters

In today’s time, Instagram ranks 7th on the list of most-loved social media channels. Instagram started in 2010 and since then has completely changed people’s and brands’ perspectives towards social networking and digital marketing. It has created a new stream of people in the society called the influencers, who make money out of using a free app with their skills.

Do you have the skills or the fan base and community support? If yes, then you can be the next person making money using this popular app. This social networking app has great potential, just have a look at its astonishing statistics, around 500 million people use this as their primary social media channel, and 100 million new users sign up to this vast pool every month. This sounds amazing, right? So why not check out some popular methods people use to make money over Instagram.

By the end of this post, we will equip you with the best money making strategies on this app.


Be an Influencer


An influencer is a person who can persuade someone into buying some product or service, or a person who has enormous community support which he/she can use to influence a product’s performance in the market. Starting at first, to be an influencer you will need to have a great community backup and a solid fan following.

How much you can influence is greatly related to the trust people have in you and your opinions. Influencers generate a vast amount of their revenue from brand collaborations and sponsored posts. Sponsored posts and brand collaborations just mean that you create good quality content for brands and your sponsors and post them on your social media channel, delivering it to your hugely committed audience who is going to love it.

The basis of success in Instagram influencing is to keep in mind what your audience expects from you and what you are going to deliver to them. Is it what they have a good interest in or something new which will drive you more traffic?

Most Instagram influencers like to target the youth as it consists of a major portion of the user base.  Influencers create and publish content that is more relevant to their community.


Become an Affiliate Marketing Pro


Instagram has a strong user base that is ready to buy products online. People like to buy products that they see are being used by someone who isn’t directly associated with a company. They consider such products much trusty.

As an affiliate marketer, you will generally promote products from selected companies with which you’ve tied up. You will simply have to keep links along with your promotions. Once a person makes a purchase following your link, you will be given a small fee for your efforts.

Companies today are ready to pay people that can boost up their sales. So if you have an audience that believes in you and your opinions completely, you can definitely earn using this method over Instagram.


Sell your Marketing services


If you feel that you have a good grip on attracting people wherever you work or whoever you work for, then digital marketing using Instagram would be a great option for you. Instagram has a great potential which has been proven time and again, people have leveraged Instagram and used it as their primary income source through mastering digital marketing.

Seeing its popularity, the platform also offers business accounts that come with the benefits of analytics combined with them. Using Instagram business to mark your growth is a popular way to identify your effectiveness.

Today more and more digital marketers are taking over business accounts, as businesses compete to drive more and more organic traffic to themselves using the channel. Being a digital marketer is somewhat easy, and you can quickly master it too and start earning good from it.


Develop Filters and Masks for Businesses


We all love content that is short, to the point, and informational, right? Instagram seems to understand that well too and thus it incorporated the feature of Instagram stories. Instagram stories are temporary shared content with your followers, it usually lasts for 24 hours on your profile and can give a huge impact on your audience.

Businesses are always on the lookout to make their Instagram stories reach out to more and more people and want to influence them in one way or the other. So businesses try out posting stories in different ways.

One way is that a business will reach out to designers who excel in graphics designing to make filters and masks that are geographically limited or are available everywhere. They opt to develop and publish such masks and filters in order to promote their brand over the platform by putting in the minimum effort.

If you are good at graphic designing and content creation and also want to earn something from it, then you can sell such designing services to professionals or businesses on the lookout for the same and can earn good money based on your skill.


Set Up a Drop-Shipping Business


Running a drop shipping business is one of the safest ways to do business online. You can make hefty sales without ever needing the space for warehousing facilities. It resembles the affiliate marketing idea but has a little twist which makes it more beneficial.

In drop shipping, you invest your money and make profits when a user purchases through your link. Whereas in affiliate marketing you are just another person earning a commission on the product.

Dropshipping is the ideal strategy for people who have a good customer base on their Instagram. Having a good customer base makes you run your business easily as you will have a better chance of selling off your product.

You will simply share your link over your social media channel and people will be buying it from the warehouse, and you will be earning your profits right here without going into many costs.

After having a look at the popular money making strategies, we are sure you will want to start your money-making journey. But still, there is one question every mind will have is can you make money by using Instagram?

Yes, you can earn money just using Instagram. The answer is relatively simple, but the plan might not be. Earning money through anyway requires some determination and effort towards the goal. If you are determined enough and do your homework right, that is the key to your success.

The amount of money you can earn solely relies on your efforts and determination. Earning money online has no upper limits; there are thousands of people who have made it big by just relying on money-making techniques through Instagram. And you can be the next too.

Pooja Shah is a Content Writer at Financesage. It is a blog where I cover financial tips related website which is working towards investors to take better financial decisions and make the best choices while buying financial things and for better financial life.

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