11 Ways to Educate Your Customers Through Social Media

Social media channels are unique ways of connecting people and communities wide across the globe. There has been an increase in the rate of usage of social platforms. As per the estimation, the total number of users in 2020 subjected to around 3.6 billion, which is going to increase to 4.41 billion by 2025.

Increase Business Interactions via Social Media

Many Online businesses rely on social media platforms to engage a large section of people. They utilize different channels to their advantage to let people aware of their products & services. Also, they can find prospective customers, find their requirements, and target them in a hassle-free manner.

Since people, these days have constant access to the internet and devices like smartphones & tablets make it easy to connect. There lies a golden opportunity for business leaders to educate users regarding products or services. This can help to build a meaningful relationship with them to enhance the engagement rate as well.

Follow different ways to educate your customers using social media marketing.

1. Share Crisp Information

Most people use social platforms while on the go or during short break intervals between work times. Thus, you have an only a fraction of seconds to grab the user’s attention. So, the best approach is to post short and digestible information, which is easy to read while scrolling up & down. There lies a big difference between a website copy and a social media post. You need to choose your words wisely that should be less to drive maximum attention. Remember, the purpose is to educate, so try to do the same in less.

2. Craft Catchy Headlines

A headline is a real turner for the audience. It should be short, witty, and to the point to make a user stop and read it carefully. Thus, the tip is either ask a question or use trendy words to capture widespread attention. Create a list of headlines first, and then, select the most appropriate one for the post.

3. Stay Creative

No one is interested in looking at the same old information or post, over and over again. Every social media user wants something new or refreshing. If you post something similar every time, then you tend to lose your followers.

In order to educate and receive maximum engagement, stay creative to a maximum extent. Start creating something unique & present a new way of describing or showing your business services or products.

4. Follow Visual Storytelling Technique

An image that speaks a thousand words or short video content has maximum open rates. Going by these thoughts, focus your attention on graphics to best describe your product or service. If you have a creative team with you, then plan & design eye-catchy infographics, short videos, animation, or high-impact pictures to spread the desired information. Storytelling is always a driving force for people to stop and grasp the content.

5. Start a Contest

Social media contests are an excellent way of getting desired engagement and an opportunity to spread whatever information you like. Start the same and make sure to give a prize in order to appeal to a maximum number of users.

The brand contest has of vital importance to know who all are the interested audience, what do they think about your business & gain insights.

6. Share Brand Stories

Share brand stories on social media channels with ease. Using different formats like info graphics or videos, you can share the journey of your brand with a targeted audience. This in turn helps people to learn more about your company, generate a trust factor, and look forward to future posts. Doing this helps you create an emotional bond with followers.

7. Listen to Them

Social media is not just about posting & sharing information. It is a two-way communication methodology. It means, both the sender and receiver are equally attentive and receiving the information. So, to increase the engagement rate, make sure to listen to your customers. Understand what they like and what they don’t. Once done, then you will be able to find optimum engagement from them.

8. Share Active Response & Feedback

Always make sure to answer user’s queries or comments well on time. When you respond on time, customers are likely to remember your brand, trust your intention, and stay in touch with you for a long.

Everyone wants to get noticed and so do your customers. If they are willing to learn from your social media content, then you should also receive their suggestions or complaints in a positive manner.

9. Deliver Content Regularly

Don’t be a one-hit-wonder. Share relevant content to educate customers on a regular basis. This requires creating your social media marketing strategy well in advance to decide what to post and when to post.

Also, make sure do not try to overdo like posting 9-10 times a day. Posting too much on a single day will not benefit you. So, always limit the number of posts you have with the relevant and useful content in it.

10. Invest in Paid Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms have millions of users. Creating relevant business content might reach only a limited section only. If you want more & widespread engagement for educational purposes, then go for paid advertising. It will help in boosting overall traffic and gain higher visibility of your company. Different social platforms have different advertising plans as per the nature and reach of the business.

11. Affiliate Marketing

Sometimes word of mouth from a popular person is more than enough to spread the required message. This is what you can do with the aid of Affiliate Marketing.

This marketing is done with the help of an influential person who is active on social media and has millions of followers. Through active collaboration, you ask for spreading your company’s motto or message to a large section of people.


Reaching a multitude of targeted audience is possible with the widespread reach of social media. Start winning the trust of people by educating them about business prospects at the right platform. Take complete advantage of different ways to educate, inform, and reach to fulfill business objectives.

Sylvia is a Senior Developer at Mobi India, a specialized social media app development company in India. She loves learning about new technologies and trends in the mobile app development arena and sharing her knowledge and learning with others through her write-ups. Sylvia would love to hear from you about how useful you find her write-ups are.

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