Effective Email Marketing Tips That You Can’t Ignore in 2020

The first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. The email was nothing special. It was just numbers and characters that appeared in the form of passwords, but it holds significance in history. 

Since that day up till today email has not lost its significance. To be exact a study revealed that 77% of the consumers prefer email marketing as their mode of connection with a brand. 

Moreover, email marketing is the primary source for small businesses to scale across the globe. 

Now the daunting question, are you sending emails that are not converting any customers? Straightening your email marketing is an art. The aim is to create a high-converting copy that you’ll learn in this blog. Improve conversions from email marketing so that you can drive more leads and sales. 


Understand your target audience 

Before you even start figuring out when to send an email and how many emails you must send, you need to invest some time in understanding your target audience.

Are the emails you sending relevant to your target audience? Just like personalized content, email marketing is something that needs to speak on a personal level. For this, you need to understand your target audience. 

Every subscriber has its preferences, which is why it is absurd to send them the same message. So, it is advised that you send emails to relevant people who will generate 18 times more revenue than merely sending emails to everyone. 

You might ask what is the right message for your audience? You need relevant content that cannot be ignored by your target audience. 

The simple answer is email list segmentation. That means that you must divide your email list into smaller targeted groups.  When you segment your email list, it will be easy to send personalized emails concerning the preferences of those customers. 

Say, you sell exercise equipment. It’s best to ask your audience which exercises equipment they are interested in and then segment those under the category of yoga, cardio, weightlifting, etc. This will help you choose the right content and send it across that targeted audience segment. 


Write a Killer Subject line 

Some things come with experience. Of course, you cannot plan and start writing killer subject lines in an instant, you need to learn a lot before you write anything. You can check out the various styles of killer email subject lines and create your own. 

The subject line holds the decision power where the subscriber will either delete the email, read it, or report it to spam. 

If your email’s subject means something to your reader or promise to add value, they will surely check what’s in the store for them. 

Surely, it’s impossible to judge an email with a single bad subject line but the world is not fair and out there if you want to lead, you must give something unique. 


Don’t forget to Split-Test your emails 

One of the best things I’ve learned regarding email marketing success is to split-test emails before you send it to a larger group. There is no time to guess because A/B testing will help you create a solid road map for your audience.

A/B testing is simply testing your email across various types of segments. Whichever version is delivering the right results can bring-in more conversions. 

When you test emails, you’ll eventually learn the perfect email campaign that is driving the most results. 

When you do that, your open rate will boost, click-through rate will increase, and you’ll gain a better understanding of your customers. 

You can test various elements in your email. From the landing page to CTA to design. One thing to keep in mind is to test one thing at a time. This will help you get clear feedback on the top-performing factors in your emails. 

Here is an excellent guide on A/B testing that can save you tons of research. 


Repeat your Successful Emails 

Just like it is important to understand the sales funnel to make the necessary changes to drive more sales, it’s of equal importance to understand which of the emails performed best and why? 

When you exactly know the factors that made your email successful, it will be easy to repeat those emails to get a similar result. A professional SEO Company follows this approach and gains massive subscribers each month.

The most convenient part of all of this is that you can use email marketing tools to resend emails without making that many changes and just adding new subscribers to the list. 

As mentioned earlier you can split-test various subject-lines and see which of the ones are creating the most impact. You can also check smtp server free articles to find the best solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.


Offer something for FREE

Even if you are not a fan of Gary V it is worth following his advice. In his famous book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, Gary talks about delivering something for FREE before you ask someone a favor.

In email marketing and especially if you are a startup, it is good to give some things for free. Say, discount coupons, a newsletter with industry updates, how-to tutorials or even an informational video that can add value to your audience. 

Before you plan to give something for free, it is worth analyzing the needs of your audience. Once you know what your audience craves, it will be easy to offer them something that they’ll value. 

Final Thoughts 

The email marketing tips might seem simple at first. But once you start doing them constantly, this is where the real magic happens. When a customer sees that you are delivering a message constantly, they’ll treat it as of great importance.  

It will take time to get the desired results. The best approach, in this case, is to keep testing until you hit the jackpot which in this case is the maximum open rate of your emails. 

Remember that email marketing might not give instant results, but if you stay patient and consistent, you’ll be able to understand the intentions of your target audience and design emails accordingly. CampaignLake is a B2B platform that offers the most accurate and industry-specific email list which helps companies get qualified leads easily.

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui is a digital marketing guru, currently working for Branex –web design agency. Having years of experience in digital marketing, he has seen the field evolved from a niche to a medium where every business now looks forward to having a strong digital presence. That’s one reason why he is revered so much amongst the digital marketing fraternity. In leisure time, he likes to earn more knowledge and learn how to assist businesses. 


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