5 Tactics For an Effective YouTube Marketing Campaign

The fact that YouTube is a popular tool for entertainment also means that there is a lot of competition over it as a digital marketing platform for businesses to get your best followers. According to US-based statistics recently, almost 600 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. To be successful on YouTube, you need to make qualitative content publishing constantly using prominent. It defines, you need to make a good YouTube marketing plan.

Today’s Youtube Marketing

YouTube, the second biggest search engine with as many as 1 billion registered subscribers, is the perfect platform to create brand awareness and to generate leads. Since its inception in 2005, the platform is witnessing a consistent rise in its user base standing atop as the leading video-streaming platform. Over these years, the internet has deep-rooted across several countries. Moreover, many states have adapted to 5g with many gearing up on line. All these factors have laid track for the increase in video consumption, making YouTube an indispensable platform for marketing. As of present stats, 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. The number will increase for sure in the coming years as it believed that around 85% of online content would be video by 2025, implying that YouTube will be the brand’s first choice for marketing.

Five tactics for an effective YouTube marketing campaign

YouTube Campaigning

YouTube, being the video platform with a vast user base, is the ideal place for brands to create campaigns. Video content can engage with people more easily and drive them to take action. According to a recent study, 70% of marketers have opined that video content is the primary factor for their conversions, reassuring that YouTube is the go-to platform for campaigning.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads are one of the vital strategies to create awareness for your brand and increase your conversion rates. To reap the benefit from YouTube ads, you should be at a steady pace to spend some money. The return will be in manifolds as you could garner your target audience easily through YouTube Ads. Moreover, YouTube itself is rolling out different types of ad features for the benefit of the marketers. Here I list out some of the types of YouTube Ads that are a perfect fit for campaigning:

  • TrueView Discovery Ads is the best one for small businesses to create an awareness of their product without having to spend more. It is the ideal option for minimal budget campaigns as you have to pay only if the viewer watches 30 seconds or more of the ad. TrueView Discovery Ads helps you to reach out to your target audience at ease.
  • Bumper Ads are micro-ads with a maximum duration of 6 seconds. These non-skippable ads can be used as a useful tool to create brand awareness. As the ad lasts only for seconds, emphasize the core value of your brand with exhilarating visual that should propel the viewer to know more.
  • Non-Skippable Video Ads are the ads that prompt the viewer to watch the ad until it ends. These videos, which have a time limit of 20 seconds, helps you to educate about your campaign to your target audience, thus enabling them to know more about your product.


YouTube stories elevate the engagement rate. Stories can be used as an effective medium to strengthen the bond with your prospects and maximize your conversion rates. However, unlike other platforms, you can enjoy the privilege of creating stories only if your channel has a minimum of 10,000 subscribers. Many marketers have expressed that stories have increased their conversion rates. Thus, stories can be utilized to launch campaigns.


Contests are the best way to take your businesses to a huge number of people. One of the driving factors is the prize money you give to the winner. Plan your contests in such a way that it should let both the participants and the viewers know more about your brand, thereby building a good reputation for your brand. This way, your prospects can turn into your long-lasting customers. For instance, launch a quiz with a question such as ‘How many times your company has its own best brand of the year award.’ This will enhance your brand value for sure.

Build Your Community

Build a community for you on YouTube by creating content with a higher engagement rate. Community building could be made possible only if you make content that strengthens your bond with the viewers consistently. Views have nothing to do with engagement. Engagement here clearly portrays the comments, likes your videos receive, and how deep your videos are connected with your viewers. Creating authentic content is a major pillar to build your community. Make sure your videos build trust in you among people, which is the essential ingredient to make your community stronger.

Follow Your Subscribers Channels

Follow the channels of your subscribers in return; this builds a mutual understanding between both of you. This is one of the essential tactics that have to be followed to keep up your subscribers count from becoming volatile. This tactic will ensure you a long-term benefit and enlarges the size of your community.

YouTube – The Dominant Marketing Platform

Marketing on YouTube is crucial in today’s scenario to create awareness for your brand and to maximize the engagement rate. YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google, with nearly 1 billion registered users. This data stands as a testimony for how influential this video-sharing platform. The majority of the contents that become viral were uploaded to YouTube at first. Once your YouTube video gets viral and becomes the talk of the town, it will be shared across platforms; thus, many people will get to watch your video. Brands have taken VR and AR in their hands, which makes the ads more intriguing like never before. The advancement in technology enables brands to create ads that could offer a more realistic experience to the viewers. Many marketers have utilized these technologies at their best and garnered better results.  

With video content expected to take center stage in the coming years and rule the future of marketing, YouTube will become an inevitable platform for marketers. However, the platform will become more and more competitive as marketers should rack their brains to engage with their prospects and increase conversion rates.

Though Facebook and Instagram are becoming more of a video-centric platform, YouTube is still the face of video content, standing tall as the no.1 video platform. Hence, every marketer should always lookout for new possibilities and push boundaries for better engagement and conversion. 

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