10 Key Elements of Twitter Strategy That You Should Never Ignore

Twitter is an open & real-time information sharing platform; it is better than other networks. Per day millions of people engage in introducing their brands on Twitter to business’ success. Twitter had some major updates last year; Nowadays, social media platforms are too busy and too difficult to develop your brand from the crowd. So move forward with your strategies and fix your goal to track people’s attention. It’s all possible when you use twitter applications for your business to outstanding growth. The Twitter strategy helps you get more followers, obtain engagement from them, and build a new conversation to reach quickly. Let us see ten critical elements of twitter strategies there are:

Twitter Strategy Element #1: Goal Setting

If you decide to come to twitter, set your goal in your mind clearly, and get specific results for your brand, use twitter strategy correctly. Those types of goal setting tricks help to track your brand’s metrics and make your brand famous. Primarily, goals help analyze your website traffic quickly and increase your twitter traffic through strategies—followers, mentions, favorites, retweets, and visits all from twitter’s miserable goals. If you give more importance to your goal setting, you will get grand success, so spend more time with it. 

Twitter Strategy Element #2: Target Audience

Another secret strategy of twitter is to target your audience, and your quality content only attracts the audience’s interests. Content is a good reason for them to follow you, and you can easily succeed in social media. Just ask them what they like & what interests and what they expect. People are always happy to share their thoughts with you, and you try to create content similar to their reviews to show your obedience. Another one of the most excellent tips for getting more engagement is when you turn people’s attention through your content. If you attract your audience, try to post different types of content with videos and images. To get new target audiences, add clickable website links into your post that directly take your visitors to the landing page. 

Twitter Strategy Element #3: Schedule Posting

Still, If you aren’t Maintaining your twitter account, that is the worst time for your business account. Followers can quickly leave you when you miss your continuity. If you aren’t updating posts about your brand, newcomers also hesitate to come with your profile. Need to post each day but not only will get engagement; spread your content to broad reach in various time zones. If your business is global, you need to spend more time active the whole day to post something about the brand. To get continuous engagement, schedule your post within Monday to Thursday ( 7 AM to 3 PM & 7 PM to 9 PM), and the experienced users said, try to avoid midnight and weekend posts. 

Twitter Strategy Element #4: Increase Twitter’s Value

The audience is the most significant part of your brand success on twitter. To keep your followers, post valuable content for them, and it helps followers share your content on their account; You will get many more followers from your followers’ account. Showing your personality through valuable content; should be the audiences’ favor to get them impressed. Curated content is one of the twitter strategies in the corporate world, and you can retweet from other accounts to impress. 

Twitter Strategy Element #5: Visual & Hashtag Content 

A plain content will take much time to stand out from the crowd or struggle with those types of plan content. One of the most top tricks is to get people’s attention from visual content. Upload your content with relevant videos or brand videos. Always Behind-the-scenes videos kick your business to the top level, and your visual content should be catching the audience’s eyes.It is important to understand that videos drive more engagement which makes it necessary to produce quality video to post to your Twitter account. For example, if you get 50 percent of engagement from visual content, you can get 80 percent engagement from hashtags. Hashtags are more powerful to increase your visitors. 

Twitter Strategy Element #6: Importance Of Video Content

People always love authentically, so show your real face through visualization. You can stand out from the crowd feed when you post with video footage. If you want to impress your audience, get the camera to post live videos. People can like and comment while watching live videos. Keep in mind cameras will doesn’t create content; you only utilize this opportunity to take real content to trust. The Video file should be 512 MB up to 2 minutes 20seconds. 

Twitter Strategy Element #7: Encourage engagement

If you want to expect more engagement from people, try to engage yourself first. To get regular conversation, maintain continuity with scheduled posts each day. In this way, you can build a strong relationship strongly together and additional tricks for engagement that you can get from other users’ content. You can get real engagement with Twitter retweetsby sharing various links along with the content. Retweets are a better way to obtain a lot of engagement and share various links with content. Write a quick reply to someone’s query and post conversation screenshots. 

Twitter Strategy Element #8: Be Polite To Negative Criticism

Social media is always tricky to use and a much possible way to get away from this platform. Always respond to their questions with kindness and don’t allow them to expose your emotions. If anybody comments negatively about your brand, avoid them and don’t reply to their comments—mute people who don’t follow you or sometimes better use a block option to block them. Unlimited characters always create negativity about a brand, and spamming is one of the disadvantages of twitter. 

Twitter Strategy Element #9: Use Tools

Twitter allows some tools to promote your brands; twitter tool is to analyze people who follow you and who share your content. Demographics will say the follower’s location, age, and their active time. Buffer, Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Sendible are some tools to analyze for more engagement. 

Twitter Strategy Element #10: Track people

If you want your twitter account to get famous, spend more time to track people from every hour. Twitter analytics tool helps to track metrics to reach your goals. One of the smart things on social media is analytics to shape the twitter strategy that allows you to move forward. 


Twitter is one of the biggest platforms, so use it as the correct way to get more engagement. Use this ten twitter strategy to learn more from here. You can collect any information at any time from twitter, basically it is a news sharing application and learn more business tricks from experts conversations. Choose this to get more benefits!!!

Kaira Ralph works at Rousesocial as a social media strategist and a content writer. She contributes a lot of articles focusing on the latest social media trends to many blogs across the web. Her passions involve reading, painting, and traveling.

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