How to Grow a Moving Company: 3 Marketing Ideas

For over 40 years, Gentle Giant Moving Company has been a leader in the moving and storage industry as a full-service moving company. Through our focus on employee wellness, we’ve built a passionate team that returns the favor back to our customers, making sure each is treated in a way which makes them want to become a customer for life.

Our business has seen incredible growth over the years and has participated in many different types of marketing initiatives. Here are three marketing ideas we believe are beneficial to moving company success:

Embrace feedback and ask for it often

After their move is complete, each of our customers receives a post-move survey where they can rate their crew and the office staff who coordinated their job. In addition to numerical ratings, there is space for customers to write open-ended answers about their experience with Gentle Giant.

The feedback we have received from customers through these surveys has been extremely influential to every area of our company. Their answers have allowed us to gather important insight about how we can better serve them in the future.

Strengthen your company reputation across the country with new locations

Once your moving company feels stable and secure in your headquartered location, consider expanding to other locations to grow the business line. When you have managers and leaders you can trust, your potential for growth is limitless. 

We have expanded our business across the country, from the east coast to the west coast, the South, and everywhere in between. Our newest location in Fort Lauderdale has been a great success!

Stay true to your company’s roots and core values

In between using customer feedback to grow our business and open up new locations, we have stayed true to our company roots by keeping our core values at the forefront. We recite our company motto – the Giant HEART – at the start of company meetings to remind us of the bigger picture and keep us motivated. The Giant HEART stands for honesty, enthusiasm, above and beyond, respect, and teamwork, which is what our crews and office staff aim to show our customers and each other daily.

Another way we have stayed true to our roots is through the Gentle Giant Charitable Foundation and the corresponding projects it has implemented. Our charitable foundation has made monetary donations to causes we care about, led a rowing club for youth, and contributed to eliminating food insecurity through partnerships with organizations such as Move for Hunger. 

Curious about moving with Gentle Giant? Give us a call at 800-442-6863 to speak with a move consultant or visit our moving company website to learn more.

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