How to Configure Google Adsense Account With WordPress Website

With the increased demand, technology becomes advanced and providing endless benefits to users and developers as well. Now if we take a look at website development, things are becoming easier and convenient for developers as there are so many facilities and alternatives are available. Stunning designing skills and excellent development skills both are the most important things if you are waiting for an impressive and attractive website. Do you know about WordPress? Definitely answer would be yes as it has high popularity and demand nowadays.

WordPress is a CMS platform that makes website designing and development not even easier but also effective and convenient. It has various features and functions that are strong enough to create an amazing website. Developers and designers can use different paid and free tools and make their website amazing and impressive. In addition, WordPress web development is the easiest method to develop a website within a few hours. 

Moreover, WordPress websites have more security and privacy shortcuts which make a website more effective and impressive. When we talk about security, it always relates to an account of whether it is a social media account or a Google account. To find out more about security issues, you may consider applying for some cyber security courses. Do you want to earn through your WordPress website? 

If yes then you have a great option to earn money through your WordPress website with your Google Adsense account. In simple terms, you can configure a Google Adsense account with WordPress website. Don’t know how it works? No worries, it just takes a few simple and easy steps to make it happen. Some of you may don’t have any idea about how to configure Google Adsense account with WordPress website, therefore, we are providing a few easy steps in detail. Let us make it clear to you.

Top 5 Easy Steps to Configure Google Adsense Account With WordPress Website

  1. Signup and activate Google Adsense account

This is the very first and most important step that you need to begin first. Simply you just need to open Google Adsense signup URL first that is ‘ ‘. When you open this URL, you can see a startup window over your screen. Now you need to find a click button which is ‘sign up now’. Here what you need to do is to indicate your site URL and choose a suitable language to understand the content. After selecting a language, you can move further and click on the next button which is ‘save and continue’ button. This is necessary to save your changes otherwise it will discard your changes. Sometimes, people get confused while performing this step but no need to worry about it. Just read the instructions clearly and repeat the step. Now we will move further to the next step.

  1. Fill out your contact information

Now you’ll see a new window with some text boxes. Without filling your contact details, you cannot move further so take it easy and enter your details first. Here you will find seven steps to complete. Simply enter your contact details including country, time, account type, name & address, primary contact and two more. In the last two text boxes, you need to mention your answer to those questions. Post that, click on “submit my application” and the second step has been completed.

  1. Read and follow some terms & conditions

After completing the second step, you need to read some provided terms and conditions as well as policies of Google AdSense account configuration. Moreover, you have to agree with the terms and conditions if you want to go further. These terms and conditions relate only to security and privacy so just don’t worry about it.

  1. Verify your details

Here you may face a little bit confusing so you need to read this step very carefully and make sure about each detail. First of all, verify your phone number. For this, you will see two options over there and you can choose one of them either voice call option or an SMS option. If you are choosing an SMS option then click on “send verification code”.

After this step, you will receive a Google AdSense code to connect your website to AdSense account. Now you need to select and copy that mentioned code then insert code into your WordPress website. For this, there are two options, either you can insert this code manually or you can choose another way which is “insert your code using WordPress plugin”.

Go back to your Google AdSense account, check the box to confirm that you paste the code and click Done: 

  1. Create and add Google Adsense unit to your website

Once you get the approval of your Google Adsense account, you will be able to access all actions. You need a login to your Google AdSense account if you want to create a Google Adsense unit. Click on “new ad unit” to create a new unit. After that, choose a descriptive name for your unit. The descriptive name will be helpful if you want to find it later.

Furthermore, you can choose other options to make it more comfortable. Choose the size of the ad in the Ad size section. You can check the ads examples provided by Google Adsense to help you make the choice:

Now Choose which type of ads you would like to show on your website. You can Select from the Drop Down:

Aside from that, you will need to paste copied code in your website’s source code in order to add Google Adsense unit. Nowadays, many people are using WordPress outsourcing to earn money and improve their marketing skills.

Google Adsense account configuration with WordPress website has been completed. You will find ease and convenience while performing these steps. This is the best way to make money and profit online in an easy manner. After completing such steps, you will be able to earn money online easily. Nowadays, a number of people are using this way to make their financial statements strong. Hence we can say that we have a great opportunity which is offered by Google to make your ideas creative and earn money. Hope, this blog helps you to make it easier and configure Google Adsense account with the WordPress website within a few simple steps. If you are facing any complex situation while performing it, just read our complete step again and try later. Sometimes, technical errors create issues.

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