How to Select Captivating Colors for Your CTA Buttons

As your readers go through the content on your blog or website, you want them to click on a call-to-action. 

Your CTA is the main reason for the content in the first place. It’s a prompt for your readers to act on an offer you’re providing. This is the first step in your sales funnel.

A call-to-action tells your readers exactly what you want them to do while on your site. CTA clicks provide conversions, turning readers into potential customers. 

Without CTAs on your site, you’re not achieving your goals.

Now, you could decide to create CTAs and see how it goes. Or you could already have basic ones and be happy with your conversions. But you could and should be doing so much more with your CTAs for epic conversion rates.

There are a lot of factors that go into creating the best CTAs for fascinating appeal.

And the choice of color is one of those factors.

It’s crucial to know which colors will get you the best results. You need to understand why your readers will click on certain CTA button colors more than others.

This article focuses on all that.

Understand the Psychology of Color

Color has a powerful effect on the human mind. We see a particular color and we relate it to something: a feeling, a meaning.

Color persuades.

It appeals to your readers’ emotions more than anything else can. And that includes your compelling words and brilliant images. Color can determine one’s mood.

Take, for example, the way people view art. They’re captivated by vivid colors and the emotions these colors evoke, giving art pieces their value.

Look at how people react to seeing a rainbow. The joy and happiness they feel, the sense of completeness and calm.

Colors are so significant that businesses and brands conduct in-depth research on them. They understand what role color plays in getting conversions. They understand the psychology of color.

This allows companies to anticipate their audiences’ reactions to content based on color.

Whatever your offer is, the colors you use must combine fully with your marketing strategy. Because, ultimately, they form part of your identity.

They allow you to:

  • Make an unforgettable impression on first-time readers.
  • Create instant recognition with your online community.
  • Provide information to your audience about who you are and what solution you offer

Every color impacts your readers in a different way. Here are a few colors and what they represent:

  • Red is synonymous with excitement and overwhelming energy. It’s dynamic and creates a dramatic effect, urging your readers to act immediately. Red is all about extreme emotions. This color is ideal for CTAs involving discounts, quick-fire sales, and special offers.
  • Blue is the color most (if not all) online readers associate with links. In this way, it represents information, creating a sense of trust and deep knowledge. Your readers see a blue CTA and they instinctively think, “This is where the answer is.”
  • Yellow means positive energy and creativity. It’s a bright and youthful color that grabs attention. This color works well when you’re trying to create hope. You can apply it to CTA buttons that prompt your readers to buy a product.
  • Green evokes peace and tranquility. It’s a relaxing and healing color that reminds readers of nature and freedom. Green is perfect for outdoor or tourist offers. This color also represents wealth, meaning you can use it for money-related or ‘free’ CTAs.
  • Black symbolizes luxury and sophistication. It’s a powerful color, though not as eye-catching as others. This is because most of your blog content is already black. If you can make it stand out, this color is ideal for selling high-end products.
  • Pink evokes romantic feelings and is associated with feminine and youthful products. It creates a sense of warmth and nurture. If your target market includes women and teens, then this color appeals to them.
  • Orange is fun and active. It’s synonymous with friendliness and social interaction. Orange also prompts energy and passion. This color is incredibly effective with impulse buyers.
  • Purple is noble and beautiful. It’s a symbol of success and maturity. It’s a distinguished color that conveys respect. This color works really well with CTA offers that relate to beauty products and luxury items.

In essence, warm colors are ideal if you want energy, youthfulness, and vibrancy in your CTAs. Cool colors work best when seeking to create trust, elegance, and authority.

Why You Should Use High-Contrast Colors

When you’re deciding which colors to go with for your CTAs, you want them to pop. they need to stand out from the rest of your content and jump off the page.

When your readers notice your CTAs, they pay closer attention to them. When your calls-to-action are captivating, your audience spends more time on them.

To get this effect, you want to use colors that really contrast with your content. This increases its visibility considerably.

Using high-contrast colors makes your CTAs:

  • Easier to read
  • More interesting to learn about
  • More understandable

But you also want your CTA colors to complement your content well. Otherwise, they can take too much attention away from the content your audience came to read. Colors that don’t complement are obtrusive.

To create the perfect balance, you could use the 60-30-10 rule. It’s popular in interior design but can also apply to your blog or website.

The way these principle works is you first have to choose three colors to work with. Then you apply them in proportions of 60%, 30%, and 10%.

The color on 60% of your page is the most basic one out of the three. It’s the background color, so if you have a blog, it’ll likely be white. Think of it as a nice canvas to create your content and CTAs on.

The color with 30% is the main color of your content. It needs to contrast from the background color so that people can read your text. Again, if you’re writing a blog post, it’ll probably be black. Although you could try some other dark color.

The 10% color is for your CTA. It’s the one that really pops. You use your strongest color out of the three here to let your readers know exactly what to do. It works to highlight your prompt.

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The Importance of Consistency in Your Choice of Color

The CTA colors you choose need to stay constant throughout your site. You’re not trying to create a rainbow here after all.

You want to manage what your CTAs represent, and that comes with consistency. Repetition in your choices creates familiarity. You determine the association your colors have to your CTA  contexts.

Once you use one color for a prompt, you want your readers to relate that color with action. So, don’t use that color for any other content that doesn’t urge your readers to act. That can end up confusing your audience.

You want your readers to appreciate being on your site and return frequently. Consistency is key to memorable user experience. Which also affects your conversion rate.

Learn More

Now that you know about colors, there’s so much more to learn about becoming an expert blog content creator.

You don’t want to settle for having copywriting skills that help you meet some of your business goals. You want to be great at it and surpass your current limits.

Learning is the best way to achieve this, as you have done by reading this article.

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