Top 5 Ideas for Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021

Every year, versed marketers will research, analyze, and present a range of trends that carry the most promise in digital marketing for the upcoming period. Based on behavioral patterns among their target audience, the data available in the industry itself, and the technological advancements that are reshaping how we communicate, marketers adapt their approach to get ahead of the most vital forecasts in the months ahead. With that in mind, the extraordinary circumstances of 2020 will have a unique impact on 2021 as a whole, digital marketing included.

Identifying trends will be linked to the pandemic, how it changes customer preferences and priorities, as well as innovative solutions that will steal the spotlight. Here, we’ll outline a few of the most prominent and promising digital marketing ideas that can help your business stay visible, relevant, and perhaps become an industry leader thanks to better brand positioning. This is what digital marketers should have in mind for 2021.

AI technologies to aid growth

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t a new concept in digital marketing or otherwise, but it will definitely become a more prevalent one in 2021. Wanting to collect and analyze more customer information, brands will need to rely on AI-driven software solutions designed to filter through large quantities of information your platforms collect.

Then again, AI-based chatbots will make customer support more seamless and easier for your agents. Wherever you look, AI will become a useful tool to help companies grow and focus on the human element in every equation of digital marketing. 

Voice search to grow more relevant

Siri and Alexa have become omnipresent in people’s homes, and they’ve helped people conduct online searches in a convenient, hassle-free way: with their voice. That said, we also have an uptake in the use of Google Assistant on smartphones, helping people search when they’re on the go. While this might not be a major factor in ranking as of yet, anticipating trends is what advanced digital marketing is all about.

Optimize your website and your online presence with voice search in mind. Making it easier for people to find you with their voice alone will help put you on the map and make your brand more prominent, which will signal your relevance to search engines and help improve your ranking.

Social to communicate and connect

Now that the social realm has become one of sales as well as engagement (more than in previous years, that is), brands need to find the resources to stay active on social networks to stay relevant and connected. To create nuanced social media strategies that seamlessly fit into their overarching digital marketing, brands will often choose to collaborate with an expert digital marketing agency to achieve this goal. 

Collaborating with professional marketers will be the edge many brands need to survive in the post-pandemic world of increased social interactions. From leveraging social ad campaigns, creating social media content, all the way to handling messaging apps within social media, professionals will enable brands to retain the kind of personal connection they need with their audience. Social will become crucial in customer retention as well as boosting loyalty.

Digital marketing adopting a conversational tone

The social distancing rules of 2020 might prevail in 2021, although not perhaps in the same form and to the same extent. With these changes, people are craving more personal, one-on-one interactions, which is why conversational marketing is becoming so increasingly popular. 

This signals the need for brands to be more available to their customers, not just through chatbots. Direct communication through a range of platforms will help customers connect with brands and feel valued and heard. 

Video-based content and visuals

Content marketing is one major pillar of digital marketing. As such, it calls for constant learning and growth in order to keep your business in those top results, but also to boost customer and follower engagement. A trend that will bloom in 2021 much like it has already grown in 2020 is the need for more video-based content.

From live streaming on social media, delivering video tutorials, all the way to video conferencing to replace live networking events, video will be one of the most desirable content formats online. Make sure to produce exciting, value-driven videos for your target audience, and monitor engagement rates to improve your strategy for the year ahead. If you don’t already, consider hosting your videos through YouTube to leverage YouTube Marketing as a new channel for your business.

Overwhelming personalization for loyalty

Generic ads, templated emails, and neutral messages are a thing of the past. In fact, research has shown that the lack of personal touch in marketing will have a negative impact on your reputation and brand perception – 71% of customers felt frustrated at the lack of personalization in their shopping experience.

 That means that the vast majority of people who shop online have gotten used to being recognized for their tastes and preferences, and blasting generic offers and ads in their face will get you nowhere. It will, in fact, get you off their list of favorite brands. If you haven’t done anything so far, it’s high time you gave your campaigns a personal touch through analytics, research, and user-centric marketing. 

Focusing on what customers need and want will be no different in 2021, but it will definitely bring about numerous changes in how we tackle our digital marketing strategies. This particular New Year will be different from what we’re accustomed to, so brands need to greet the upcoming year and its trends with a flexible mindset and the desire to learn on the go. However, introducing these ideas into your strategy can only help you take your brand to the next level and survive another challenging year ahead of us all.

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