How to Use Instagram for Your Food Business and Build Your Followers?

With 95 million daily posts and 600 million monthly users, Instagram needs no introduction. We are living in an era where 69% of people take photographs of the best-served food before taking a bite. This makes Instagram the best platform for food lovers. 

The billions of food lovers in one place opens up a window of opportunity for restaurants, cafes, and bars to get famous in no time. Let us have a look at some stats: 

  • Compared with Facebook, Instagram provides 10 times higher engagement 
  • Among all social networks, Instagram stands as the second most popular network 
  • Instagrams provides an opportunity for converting customers into influencers 
  • Food content is the third favorite of Instagram followers 

Looks unbelievable? Read the tips below to double your Instagram followers. Even if you are a noob, you will learn to supercharge your tactics. 

Create Your Business Profile 

Do you know that 8 million businesses have created their business profiles on Instagram? When the whole world is reaping the benefits, why not you? Go and create your business account. 

Be sure to reach a greater audience with the following tips: 

  • Create a relevant user name. If you are doing a sushi delivery business, you can keep your username as, @sushi, @sushiathome, etc. 
  • Make your profile public so that others can reach you easily
  • Fill out all the information accurately ( your contact number, address, website link, etc.)
  • Check if the account statistic feature is working properly (your profile viewers, viewers following a post, clicks, etc.)

Create Your Identity With Consistency 

In order to get an aesthetic effect, you need to showcase your professionalism. Build the identity of your brand by keeping the same filter, logo, and style. Additionally, show consistency in your feeds. 

If it’s been six months since you posted any photos about your food business, how people will recognize you? For instance, a five-star restaurant will keep the focus on food coupled with luxury whereas a local restaurant will keep its focus on food quantity and pricing.  

Arm Your Brand With User Generated Content 

From displaying transparency to cutting down costs, UGC is an ideal approach for many brands. It’s another way of building engagement and creating a lasting relationship with clients. 

For instance, everyone hesitates from trying out new food services. People have questions in mind about the taste, quality, and quantity being offered. When former customers praise the taste and serving styles, potential customers rely on the brand without any doubts.  

So, you need to appreciate your clients for the UGC. Burger King highly appreciates the clients for posting its burger photos. The brand then uses the photos as “regrams”. 

If you need any assistance with professional photography, you can reach Lightroom Presets.

Use Enticing Story Highlights 

Restauranteurs love to display their best dishes, and story highlights are the best thing to go for. If you are introducing a new deal in the coming week, let it be the highlight of your story. Like a buy-one-get-one deal, flat discounts, free starters, and so on. 

Interesting and catchy story highlights can let you gain visibility through word of mouth. For instance, you have launched a free pan pizza deal and it is in your story highlight. Your viewers not only liked it but told their friends too. As a result, you might get some new followers. 

Shake Shack, The Meatball Shop, Taco Bell, and many others have used the Instagram story highlights for gaining higher visibility. 

By the way, there is a tool for anonymous Instagram story view.

Don’t Be Pushy – Engage Professionally 

It’s imperative to bowl your rivals over with higher engagement. But, do not leave a bundle of comments every day to everyone. You need to sieve the best accounts related to your niche. 

For example, if you’re leaving comments on clothing, electronics, and household accounts from your food profile, it will not get any followers back. Thus, sticking to your niche is mandatory.

Share Your Uniqueness 

Your chances of success are slim if you are not struggling to make your food business viral. Dig out the thing that can turn out to be an Instagram craze for you. You might be serving a free drink with a burger, a starter with a buffet deal, or any other thing that can buy you uniqueness. 

Some restaurants pick up serving styles rather than discounts to stand out. For instance, a unique box that adds value, a unique technology like using robots as waiters or unique dining space. 

Influencer Marketing 

Experts from The Bircher Bar say: “Thousands of food bloggers are present on Instagram, giving recommendations about the best eateries every day. All of us have so much love for food. People are dying to get their new recommendations so that they can also try out something new.”

Using this to showcase your delectable dishes is a wonderful idea. No, you don’t need to invest heavy bucks. Just a meal delivery at home is enough for the new influencers. However, well-known influencers may require a hefty investment per post. 

Arranging Competitions 

People will love to get a free meal and yes, they are always ready to do efforts for that. How about announcing a food photo competition. For instance, you have just started breakfast in your restaurant besides lunch and dinner. 

To make your breakfast service viral, you can arrange a photo competition where your customers will have to take photos of the breakfast items they have ordered along with your hashtag. The best one will get a free breakfast on the weekend. 

Besides this, you can also spark your customers’ interest by announcing a giveaway for the right guess of your new cuisine launch. 

However, competitions are not as simple as they sound. You need to plan everything from scratch. Focus on the following things: 

  • Your budget 
  • How to get the entries 
  • Selection criteria 
  • Time limit, etc.

With that, the plan of getting followers from Instagram wraps up. Know any other strategy that works wonders for the food industry? Do not forget to share it with us!

Shaheryar provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for My Sushi.

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