7 Key Metrics To Measure The Performance of Instagram Stories

Instagram is a common application which marketers can use to grow their business to great heInstagramhts. Experienced users said this application is created only for those who want to achieve their business’s goals. Moreover, this is entirely a visual application; You can share incredible images and videos to those who follow you and your families & friends; It makes a new connection between users and followers. And if you have a public account, everyone can see your updates. Here in many possible ways that every audience can follow you when you post relevant & useful content.

Now we will see one of Instagram’s most popular features that are the Instagram story. One of the great ways to promote your brand or introduce your startup company. Stories staying in your account for 24 hours only hereafter will disappear automatically. Learn how to analyze your Instagram(Instagram) stories via this article; let us see:

Instaram Story Metric #1:

  •  Impression – Total Number of visits
  •  Reach –  Total number of unique visits
  •  Interaction – Total number of actions people took after visiting your stories

Instagram Story Metric #2: Completion Rate

The completion rate calculates your Instagram stories engagement, which means people take time to see your Instagram story content. Completion rate means how much time people stay at your post to see them until they reach the end. If you are posting much content on a story, the completion rate will help analyze them—this calculation between the total number of viewers of your last slide and the first slide. 

                     “Completion rate formula = reach of last slide/reach of the first slide”

For example, your first slide had 128 reaches, and your last slide had 100 reaches; therefore, your completion rate is 78%. 

                 100/128* 100 = 78%

Upload a complete series in one day because this method is easy to calculate the completion rate. They are using Instagram stories to upload story types content and finish those segments within one day. Because you can increase the completion rate when people have the curiosity to read the next slide continuously till the end, this method helps you to know how much your audience likes your content. Experts said 3-5 slides are always best to increase your viewers. 

Instagram Story Metric #3: Drop Off Rate After First Slide

Always keep in mind that your first slide should attract people’s attention to those who visit your story. You can easily measure the drop off rate, take a measurement, number of reached on your 1st slide and measure the number of reached on your second slide. 

Drop off rate after first slide = (reach of the first slide – reach of the second slide) / reach of 1st slide

For example: first Instagram story slide = 100; second Instagram story slide = 80 and then subtract them and next divided by like, (100-80) / 100 = 0.2*100 = 20% Finally your drop off the rate is 20%.

You can create a benchmark for your Instagram account when you calculate drop off the rate after your first Instagram story. Benchmark will help you to increase your retention rates. 

Instagram Story Metric #4: Drop Off  Rate

You can measure how many skips your story slides between the first and last slides on the Instagram story series. This drop-off rate will calculate how many people exciting your all story content until the end. Measure the first slide on the story and the last slide of the story. Let us see the formula of this drop off rate:

Drop-off rate = (number of first slide reach – number of last slide reach) / reach of first slide

For example: First slide reach = 120; last slide reach = 80 

                (120-80) / 100 = 40% 

Finally, calculate your middle drop-off rate is 40 percent. Experts said, we need to improve your content to increase viewers’ continuity. One of the special tips that add some videos or colorful images into your story can add stickers and polls to increase the rate.

Instagram Story Metric #5: Exit Rate

Instagram story exit rate helps to know how many people left from your story. Here exit means when people close your story feed or move to next someone’s feed. Your closed people only to do Swipe and tap action when they get interested in your story. And another reason will be included for exit from your story, and it depends on the story series. You can easily find out which slide is getting a hInstagramher exit than the average exit. 

Formula Exit rate= number of exits / number of impressions; for example Number of exits = 180, number of impressions = 2000

Rate= 180/2000 = 0.9*100 = 9% , your exit rate is 9%. Keep updating what you analyze about the first and last slides. It will improve your engagement, visual aesthetic. If you decide to add a CTA function on your story, add the middle of the story slide because fewer people only watch your content until the end. 

Instagram Story Metric #6: Engagement Rate

Measure people’s actions when they engage with your stories like several replies, profile visits, website clicks, sticker taps, and link clicks. If you are an influencer on the Instagram platform, the Swipe-up function will work on here to get more engagement. Many possible ways to increase your engagement from polls, Q&A, encouraging comments. Here, learn about how to measure engagement rate? 

“Formula : Engagement rate = Interaction / impressions”

For example: Interaction = 100 ; impression = 1000 

Engagement rate = 100/1000 = 0.1*100 = 10%

Notes: Impressions and interactions will different slide by slide on Instagram, so try to boost your engagement with interactive stickers, videos.

Instagram Story Metric #7: Tap Back Rate

When people want to see a story again, use tap back on Instagram stories. In this way, to increase the total number of impressions when people tap back. Tap forward is help to move to see the next videos or photos on the story. If you have valuable quality content, people like to tap back to increase impressions because tap forward will decrease your engagement rate.

Formula: Tap back rate = taps back / total number of impressions

For example, back taps= 200 ; impression = 1500 the rate is 13%


Those guides measure Instagram story metrics to understand people’s interaction. Utilize these formulas to calculate them quickly and then reduce drop off rate—different post types of content with continuous series on Instagram stories. 

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.


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