Exciting Instagram Trends 2020 – Keep a Track of It 

You know that Instagram is all about changes. People won’t give it a second look if the filters remain the same and there’s no change to make it even more exciting among masses.  The field of digital marketing is always on the change with social media taking the first steps to that. If you check out the social media demographics, Instagram is always at the top of the list.

The developers and tech experts have added some of the new Instagram trends for this year 2020, which will make this social media channel remain at the top of the list as expected. Following these creative trends will help you to stay right up the curve and get ready for the social media strategy 2020.

IGTV is here with its main value:

The time when IGTV was first launched, it was not quite sure how well it might perform or what it would bring to the Instagram strategy of the marketers. After running down through some updates and few changes to the IG platform as a whole, IGTV is still here and alive. It is likely to continue its present rise to 2020 as well. 

  • Previously, IG added the IGTV tab to its Explore page. It helps in providing the users with some more opportunities to find videos and even some of the interested content creators.
  • Later, IG added one option where people get to preview the IGTV videos within the regular feed of the user and helping out people to discover some accounts they follow through long term videos.
  • Then the platform has allowed for the landscape based video content too, which makes it rather easier to share current video content that the brand has created already.  Adding up the ability to upload some of the horizontal videos will give access to IGTV more.

The future of Instagram Aesthetic:

It is rather important to move forward into 2020 with a plan because crafting the perfect aesthetic on IG has now extended to not just IG Stories, but to videos and IGTV as well. As this social world is moving fast, when it is about creative trends, things can easily change within a night! Once you have a tech-savvy IG algorithm, you have to be sure that these posts are right on trend and can easily stand out in the crowd. 

You have to work hard to treat a grid-like home page. Nowadays, people are turning towards Instagram to search for any business or brand. So, the IG profile is becoming that new home page. The goal here is to convert the visitors into Insta followers and get free Insta likes. So, while mapping and planning the IG profile, it is vital that the post you share is telling a story about your brand. If you are able to leave one lasting impression when a new visitor arrives, you will have a better chance to turn him or her into your ardent follower.

Instagram is for supporting major causes:

Those days are history when Instagram was only for socializing. Nowadays, you will find business users focusing more on Instagram than any basic individual. Whether it has to deal with the long term globalized project or even a local outreach, companies are using their business IG account for promoting the values and beliefs of a business. 

  • This trend is here to stay as IG claims to be that top engaging platform. It will help in attracting various user types from all walks of life. It will actually include activists that try to draw some support from particular advocacies. 
  • Some movements and social issues have recently dominated Instagram. Some movements like Me Too, Black Lives Matter and more have gained quite some attention along with support from the IG community. So, to help get your business more engaging, it is time that you head towards an Instagram account first.

Bigger forms of Explore tab:

Instagram Explore Tab is now curating content and providing posts for its users, depending on past interests and likes. Previously, it used to be pretty generic. But, with interests getting segmented with time, it becomes easier for the users to just navigate the Explore page for the content that they are pretty much interested in.

  • The current explore tab is known to have strict organic content. However, there are some plans which ensure adding up more ads in this section. You might not be able to pay for the Explore listings, but there are some ways to get it organically.
  • You need to engage followers within your said niche. Later, try to use Location tags and hashtags. Even if you are not among the top raked posts for hashtags on IG, you can easily use the location tags. Whenever people near your establishment is searching for a service you provide, the location tag will help them to find you instantly.

Instagram evolves into an e-commerce platform:

It was in the year 2019 when Instagram launched Checkout. It is one easy way for you to purchase items without leaving the said IG app. With this Checkout feature, Instagram came up with “Shopping From Creators.” It helps the artists, influencers and even celebrities to add the shopping tags to posts. Then their followers will be able to click on the said shopping tag and get the item without leaving the IG app.

These features, nowadays, are in closed beta with few US brands working on it. But, in 2020, you can see some more experts using Checkout and Shopping from Creators features now. Later, at the end of 2019, Instagram announced that they are launching new platforms to help creators connect with those brands easily, which are looking for sponsored IG content. So, it means Instagram is now an influencer marketing platform as well.

Wrap Up

It’s really hard to pinpoint a few trends as the world of Instagram is on constant change. So, this New Year 2020 is likely to provide you with a whole lot of new experiences, making IG one platform for business creators to work with for a long time.

Pete Campbell is a social media manager at Blastup and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real and free Insta likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.


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