Local SEO Strategies for Multi-Location Companies

Search Engine Optimization deals with creating an intricate network of content for a brand to exact rewards from search engines. By adhering to the guidelines, brands see improved search rankings and overall enhanced virtual existence.

Local SEO, on the other hand, relies heavily on the proximity of a business and devises a strategy around it, highlighting the vicinity of the company wherever necessary. As search engines, like Google and Bing, use that information to generate suggestions as well as direct organic traffic, you need to be finicky about the details for desired results. It becomes a tad more complicated when you have a business with multiple locations. For instance, if you have a pizza joint, with locations in New York and New Jersey, you need to ensure the relevant pops up when a user looks for a slice in the area.

In this post, we are going to explore some strategies that will help you in targeting local SEO for multiple locations of the same brand.

Manage Locations on “Google My Business” Profile

Google My Business is the starting point for many marketers to build a virtual presence of a company. The information you give there, such as authentic name, phone, address, etc., will show up across all the applications powered by Google. It includes Google Search, Google Maps, and so on.

If you already have a primary account for your business, there is no need to create one. You can add multiple new locations right in your profile. This will give Google enough information to drive respective traffic to your local page. If you have multiple organizations with multiple locations, then you must read more on location groups direct from Google source.

Design Location-Centric Pages

First of all, we can all save a lot of trouble by addressing location-centric pages as what they actually are – local landing pages.

Landing pages are specially designed web pages that target a specific service from a company. It makes it easier for both human users and search engine crawlers to find and explore these service pages as well as the company itself. These pages are also laden with keywords and LSIs that improve the overall visibility of the content.

When you need to optimize content for a multi-location business, it pays off in hard cash when you go through the trouble of creating landing pages for each location. The key is to highlight the specific location on each landing page for maximum visibility and authenticity.

Targeted Social Media Profiles

When you go through your social media feed, you will find that often brands have separate profiles for a distinct location. For instance, in addition to having an official, main profile, Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus has regional profiles, such as OnePlus India, OnePlus US, etc. For more information, head out to Twitter and Facebook and explore multi-location pages of the same business to get the gist of it.

With each new page for each location, you can optimize social media profiles using relevant keywords and phrases. You can even go further with this approach and add the locality where your company is situated, especially if you are a service-providing company.

Run Local Link-Building Campaigns

Local SEO is incomplete, or at least handicapped, without a link-building regimen. When it comes to local link-building, it is about getting backlinks from established pages that are serving the same community as yours.

The search engines keep tabs on when your content is backed and seconded by local podcasts, local directories, and other business sites. It adds to the legitimacy and authenticity of the location of your business.

Local business listing technique is vital when it comes to local SEO for multiple locations. The business listing and reviewing sites offer a great source for creating citations for local SEO of your multi-location business.

These platforms are the most relevant;

As mentioned in the opening section, SEO is about weaving a diverse web on the internet with your brand at the center of that web. Link-building campaigns serve a great purpose in this regard.

Encourage Location-Based Feedback

There is no doubt general feedback directed towards your brand can help elevate its virtual presence. Both search engines and prospects take note of the quality of reviews, ratings, and comments and respond accordingly.

In lieu of this development, encouraging location-based feedback from clients can help cement the online worth of your business.

There are many platforms that you can use in this regard, and they have already been mentioned under local business directories. These directories have interactive sections where people connect with each other to discuss businesses and services.

Local SEO for multiple locations could be tough as there are many moving parts that you need to take care of. But, with the help of this post, it is aimed to make it easy for you to understand the key requirements to distinguish one location from another on the internet. This will result in better search rankings for both locations and an overall sustainable strategy for the company.


That’s it on local SEO for multiple locations. Above are some essential and fundamental steps you need to take prior to working on any local SEO strategy.

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