Reasons Why Localization Is Essential for Business Growth

Localization, otherwise known as l10n, is still one of those to make your business grow exponentially that still isn’t that famous among CEO’s. The main reason for it is that it’s demanding and at times costly, depending on your product. However, the results of a well-executed localization will help your company expand its influence on the market and significantly multiply its customers.

Here is some valuable insight into why localization will most certainly improve the performance of any company looking to enter international business:

  • The vast majority of foreign users very rarely browse and purchase products that are described in English, or any other language other than their native tongue.
  • Furthermore, it seems that nearly 70% percent of foreign respondents have suggested that it is unlikely that they will purchase expensive products that are described in English.
  • 87% of consumers who can’t read English don’t buy products or services at English websites.

In this article, we’ve compiled the main reasons why you should consider localizing your product, website, or app.

You can a new type of customer

When it comes to customer profiling, we are very often limited to our own country, which has its own standards and behavior, which limits you to a particular slice of the demographic. Localizing your product and exporting it overseas opens many doors, both in terms of business and finance.

Your brand becomes culturally attractive

Localization is demanding from a cultural perspective. Since it’s not just a translation — it demands insight into a culture, modern language, slang, and cultural cues. Being versed in these aspects of one’s culture, you become attractive as a brand.

Never hesitate to hire a cultural consultant and a high-quality agency on websites like Pick Writers web localization when working on localization. People care about brands that care about their holidays and the elements that define their cultural values. It increases both interests in your brand and loyalty.

Cultural symbols carry great ways to blend into a market, and companies have been using them for many years. Such symbols can be added to your logo, your content, your site, app, and even social media lingo.

It increases engagement

Being culturally attractive brings an essential benefit to the table — engagement. Any business owner is well aware of the importance of running a business that engages its customers, not just attracts new ones, because a company attracts the most substantial amount of profit from recurring clients, not new ones.

It makes your business more credible

Another important aspect of localization is that it builds a more creative image. Considering how culturally engaged it is, it becomes more enticing to a customer from the target market.

When a company invests the time and effort to study and implement the language that their target customers speak, potential clients will be enticed to try your product. This is a combination of quality localization and storytelling, in the sense that carefully selected words do, in fact, elaborate on who you are and what values you possess. It lets customers know that you value them.

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It earns you a lot of money

Despite the fact that over 50% of the internet’s content is written in English — by localizing your product into just two languages, you’ll be able to skyrocket your sales. For example, Japanese and Korean smartphone combined users spend more money on apps than the rest of the world! Another critical issue is that these are two countries that don’t have high levels of English proficiency.

To substantiate how fond these countries are about downloading apps — here’s the total share of users by number.

Little above 3% of people on the web use Japanese, while Korean can’t even be found on the chart. That, however, doesn’t stop these two countries to be top performers in the app download charts.

Similarly, there has been another exciting study published, which states that after one week since the release of a localized version of an app, it has generated a nearly 130% growth in downloads.


Localizing your product is most certainly among the best ways to enter new markets and grow your foreign customer base. Despite being a lengthy and demanding procedure — it’s most definitely worth the effort.

A well-localized product will provide your business with explosive growth and high customer engagement. Before you commence localizing your product, make sure you have all the important data, that will let you design the best customer experience, both from a user’s perspective and from a cultural viewpoint.

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