Top 10 Magento Extensions That Promise to Boost Ecommerce Sales

You have got your Magento store ready and fully-functional to run a successful eCommerce business. But still, you ought to need something to boost sales. And, that best thing is using the Magento Extensions. Plugins or Extensions for the Magento platform are available to extend your store functionality, specifically in terms of marketing, finance, customer experience, checkouts, shipping & logistics, etc. 

Using the best Magento extensions will speed up your operational efforts and save a great deal of cost to stay ahead of the competition.

There is a long list of Magento extensions available and curating every single one is a bit difficult and a daunting task for you. 

Therefore, we bring you here the list of the top 10 Magento extensions working best for different departments of your eCommerce store. 

Magento Extensions for Marketing & Online Promotion


  1. Magento 2 Instagram Connect

Instagram has become a popular marketing social channel for eCommerce stores. The tool helps to connect your company’s Instagram account with the Magento 2 store and fetches all the product marketing posts to the store itself. This allows easy configuration to connect the eCommerce store with this social media account and display the images directly on your product page. You can also create a widget to display images anywhere in the store. Also, add hashtags and tag the same on Instagram pictures for getting maximum attention.

  1. AdRoll

Increase eCommerce product sales by integrating the platform of AdRoll with your Magento store. Create high-performing campaigns with the help of this extension. It can automatically be added to your store and collects site visitors and serve ads. 

  1. Zoho CRM

Better define customers based on their previous buying and search data by using the proficient Zoho CRM extension. Integrate this extension to divide customers into different segments to understand the customers buying journey and better offer related products to increase sales. With Zoho CRM, you can have a look at the segmented data related to purchase history, search preference, and account information.

Magento Extensions for Increasing Web Traffic 

  1. Adaplo

Retargeting your previous customers has increased the potential to boost sales than finding a new set of customers. It is an effective Magento Development strategy to increase web traffic as well. 

Adaplo is an effective retargeting extension for the Magento eCommerce platform to automate ads across different sales channels like Facebook and Google Display Network. 

This extension helps to reach all the previous customers based on the data of SKU and creates dynamic ads to expand the reach to a wide audience.

  1. Wyomind

Wyomind is a Simple Google Shopping extension well integrated with the Magento platform. Sync your Magento’s store product feed with this extension to improve the search pattern and enhance the web traffic.

Main Functions:

  • Map product categories with Google categories
  • Generate the data feed
  • Check the error-free data feed
  • Verify the data feed generated stats like number of time, items, and resource)
  1. Bronto

Email marketing is an effective means to reach customers personally on their emails, increased web traffic, and ultimately drive more sales.

Bronto is an email marketing Magento extension that helps to import purchase information from the store to this platform. It then curates the purchase history of customers and sends personalized and cross-channel marketing emails. 

Magento Extensions for Increasing Conversion Rate

  1. SLI Learning Search

Customers search for products on an eCommerce platform with an intent to buy something. Improve this task of customers entering the product name by adding the functionality of Smart Site Search with Learning Search.

SLI Learning Search is an AI-powered Magento extension that adds the functionality of an auto-complete feature to improve search queries It also displays product images while searching to bring an improved user experience to customers and ensure fast conversions. 

Fewer clicks, fast search results, and automatic display patterns on your Magento store helps to increase the conversion rate to an optimum extent. 

  1. Pixlee

Another way of increasing product conversion on your Magento platform is by improving your social media product posting content and graphics. Pixlee is a useful Magento extension that curates user-generated content to display enriching images, videos, and graphics to capture user’s attention at a first glance. 

Pixlee also offers advanced social media marketing functionality for creating social contests, publish visual reviews, personalize emails, and track social content conversion rates. 

Magento Extensions for Store Improvement  

  1. Magento 2 Google One Tap Login

Increase the customer SignUp rate and bring effortless SignIn functionality by integrating Magento 2 Google One Tap Login extension. It has been noted that s seamless way of creating accounts or signing up using the Google account increases customer experience, built trust, and enhances sales patterns.

  1. Slider Revolution Responsive

This extension can drive more sales by creating a single-page web interface and add attention-grabbing product image sliders. You need not face the hassle of writing a single line of code. Slider Revolution Responsive extension brings the functionality of separate web interface creation using drag and drops feature. It ensures s responsive design of the interface, smooth navigation, and attractive design elements. 

Magento Extensions for Safe Payment 


  1. Stripe Extension

Ensure fast and secure payments with the help of Stripe Extension. It enables the instant way of making transactions on the Magento platform by all the customers. By using the Stripe.js token, you can enable the safe transactional process and also manage refunds after the cancellation of orders. 


  1. OneStepCheckout Extension


Get more eCommerce sales by way of improving the payment patterns for customers. OneStepCheckout extension enables the feature of single-click steps towards making the final payment. It ensures a big trigger factor to improve sales as it has been adopted in more than 25,000 Magento stores. 


  1. Fraud Prevention


This extension offers an efficient solution to minimize payment fraud within the Magento store. It works in the way of marking refund orders under unquestionable reasons as suspicious at the backend. It helps to automatically detect fraud and block transactions in an instant. 

Final Words


The list of the best Magento extensions is not limited to the 10 points only but still mentioned ones are the most-used and productive ones. Make the best use of extensions to enhance marketing, SEO, analytics, store improvement, and other efforts. Witness the remarkable results of any of the extensions by taking professional assistance from the MagentoStore.

Amaira is an experienced and creatively infused Technical Content Writer working effortlessly for a well-known Magento 2 Extension development company, MagentoStore. She shares the pioneer objective of boosting eCommerce sales by writing informative and useful pieces of blogs to educate and inform enterprises across different verticals.


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