How to Make Money as an Amazon Influencer

In this day and age, being an influencer has become a valid profession. The fact that this is the case means that all of the various social platforms where these influencers spread their online influence are having a significant impact on our daily lives. The way influencers make their money is the same way that celebrities have been making money forever. When you are popular, people admire you and wish to emulate your lifestyle. 

This is why it makes sense for advertisers to pay influencers to endorse their products. Amazon is one of the biggest online platforms on Earth, and won’t be left out of the influencer game. That is why they started the Amazon influencer program

Amazon influencer vs Amazon affiliate 

If you are looking for a way of making money on Amazon, there are a number of options. Apart from selling products on the platform, you can also position yourself in the sales funnel. This means that you direct traffic to Amazon and get a small commission from any sales that come from any customer you have directed to the platform. This is the basic mechanism of the Amazon affiliate and the new Amazon influencer program.

The 2 programs function in a very similar way, at least when it comes to how one can make money through commissions. How it works is that once a person opens your affiliate link, or goes to your influencer page, you receive a commission between 3-10% of the total purchases they make on Amazon after using your link. This means that the customer who opens your link doesn’t necessarily have to make a purchase of one of the specific items you are directing them to. As far as Amazon is concerned, you brought a shopper to the platform and you receive a cut of all of their purchases for the next 24 hours. 

However, the difference between the 2 programs is that in order to be an affiliate, you only have to have a functioning website. In order to become an influencer, you need to have a following on social media platforms and then be approved for the Amazon program. 

One of the other differences is customizability. As an affiliate, you can go to any Amazon page and generate a link to embed into your website. As an Influencer, you get a page that can be customized to a small degree. You can add any product you wish to that page and subsequently link to it as well. You can also include links to your other social media platforms on that page. Below you can see an example of an Influencer’s Amazon page:

Source: Screenshot of the Amazon influencer’s page


How to become an Amazon influencer

Step 1 – Sign up

The process is fairly easy. You simply go through this link and complete the steps. The first step is to connect to one of your social media platforms from the list provided:

Source: Screenshot of the Amazon page

As you can see Amazon approves Influencers for the program based on the number of their followers. You can also see the time it takes to be approved. We aren’t certain about how many followers you need to have in order to be approved since Amazon doesn’t share that information. However, it seems like any regularly maintained account with a healthy number of followers/subscribers will get approved. So if you have a thousand or more followers, you should be able to be approved.

The rest of the process is easy. The only thing you need to worry about is entering your bank information. This isn’t an issue unless Amazon refuses to accept your bank information due to your country of residency. If you run into that issue, you can consider some online services that can provide you with virtual bank accounts for this purpose. 

Another benefit to the Influencer program is that you will receive an Amazon vanity page. It will have a link that looks like The name that is added to the link, as well as the name of the page will be the same as your social media account that you used to sign up with.

Step 3 – Choose which products to promote

 The products you select to promote on your Amazon page are extremely important. It can be more challenging to get traffic to your Amazon influencer page. However, once you do, you want to make sure that as much of that traffic converts into sales, which then result in commissions. Make sure to choose quality products, ones that have a high number of decent reviews. The logic is simple: if you are directing people to a product on Amazon, the better the product looks, the more likely it is to result in a sale.

Step 4 – Optimize your page

When it comes to this particular aspect of being an Amazon influencer, there are no right answers. Page design largely depends on the type of content you create and the types of products you talk about, along with the lifestyle that you as a seller are representing. 

You can have your page be simply a list of items, or you can group them up in significant categories, like the one we see here:

Source: Screenshot of the Amazon influencer’s page


Granted there aren’t a lot of options from a technical perspective. However, even these simple options can be used in creative ways. For example, if you have a series of videos or posts documenting a certain event, project or a trip, you can have a subpage on your Amazon influencer page listing all of the items you’ve used. The items can be clothing items, tech, equipment, etc. It’s all about finding ways to synergize your regular influencer activity and your Amazon influencer page. It is in your best interest to encourage your followers to frequently visit your Amazon page almost as often as they visit your social media

Step 5 – Collect your commissions

You can track your commissions on a special panel provided to Amazon influencers. As we mentioned before, not all commissions are the same, and certainly  not all products will bring in the same amount. This is why it’s important to update your page with new products and to keep track of the performance of the products you have posted. 

In conclusion, Amazon is trying to get into the influencer game. They want to capitalize on the audience that influencers have, while allowing the influencers themselves to capitalize in the process as well. This program is fairly young, and there is still room for improvement. We can expect that in the future, Amazon will make more and more additions to it. The best part is that it’s really easy to sign up and to maintain this page. If you are an influencer, it can become a low effort required source of a stable new stream of income. One more great option is to become an influencer on Vocalley and share your opinions on news and products that matter to you.

This post was written by AMZScout Amazon Expert Team. AMZScout is the best amazon product research tool for online sellers, that has been in the field for more than four years now. We love to share our expertise and identified trends to guide sellers to success.

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