5 Best Methods to Market your Mobile App in 2020

It’s 2020 and the way things are done have changed a lot from the traditional methods. Now things are done using apps. Although, there is a tough neck to neck competition in the hemisphere. Therefore, an app often requires some amount of marketing for recognition. Although, we can actually market applications in several ways by using a computer and an active Internet connection. Although is it so easy? And what are the most effective ways of doing that. If you are interested then below we have told the 5 Best Methods to Market your Mobile App in 2020.

Content Marketing 

It is one of the best and the most wholesome ways of marketing your mobile app. Content Marketing allows you to write about your product and explain how it works. This is one medium that is almost mandatory. Although to have it affect one needs to combine it with time, effort, and creativity. In Content Marketing, you are basically creating content for your application. It is basically about selling something but through words, videos, or audio. One needs to create a proposition in the reader’s head. And also need to explain how your application can solve their problem.

A lot of applications have demonstration videos. But apparently, there are not many apps who are taking blogging seriously. In fact, most of the blogs or websites that cover any application are generally catered by someone else. Although, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a dedicated website to your application. Having a website will create a centralized space for your application. And when you add a blog to it which will cater to your application, this will create a space where you can talk about the features. A place where you can help your customers with their queries and troubleshoot their problems. All of this can be done using any type of content you wish to create. Also combined with SEO strategies, it increases the amount of exposure your application might get.

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Pros of Content Marketing:

  • It can be quite easy to execute.
  • It creates higher credibility for your app product.
  • If everything goes right then it can get you decent results. Sometimes exceptional too.
  • It has a compounding effect on your overall app image.
  • This can involve a wide range of people connected with your app.
  • It can lead to exponential growth and there is no limit to its reach.

Cons of Content Marketing:

  • The learning curve of doing it can be steep for many.
  • It takes a whole lot of time.
  • This can be expensive if you are considering videos or podcasts.
  • It requires a whole lot of creativity and a diversity of skills.
  • Might require paid promotions even after all the efforts.

P.S: Videos are one of the most effective ways of content marketing in Today’s Date.

Email Marketing 

This is another popular method using which one can popularise their application. It is basically sending out emails in bulk to potential customers and clients. This is done for multiple reasons and advertisement is one of the major ones. The technique is mainly used for improving three things i.e. build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. This can also be used as a great tool for improving customer relationships and even retention in some cases.

Basically there are two types of Email Marketing that are carried out. Those two are:

Transactional Email

These are the emails that are responses to an action. They are general messages to convey that a transactional is complete. One example of that would be a mail you receive during a complete signup in your inbox. It can be great to maintain consistent business. Also, in case of utilities like forgot password or OTP generation this is constantly used.

Direct Emails

This is the one that is used for promotional effects. They are used with the intent of communication only. In this, the marketer would construct an email that talks about your application. This email is then sent to a list of people as promotional emails.

Pros of Email Marketing

  • It is significantly cheap and faster to execute.
  • There are multiple email service providers that can be used for bulk mail.
  • It provides industry behavior of clients by recording their responses.
  • Everyone checks emails on a daily basis.

Cons of Email Marketing

  • Conversion rates can be low at times.
  • Customers these days get up to 90 emails a day.
  • One needs to check that the tool they use doesn’t break spam laws.

App Store Optimization(ASO)

Well, if you are into digital marketing then you must have heard about SEO. While SEO is for Search Engine, ASO is for the App Store. It employs strategies that will help your application on top in the app store. The process of it can be employed for different stores such as App Store for iOS, Google Play, Windows Store, Blackberry World, etc. This technique also includes things like CRO(Conversion Rate Optimization). ASO can be categorized into two tasks. These are:

Keyword Optimization

This includes searching and inclusion of important keywords for the metadata. For this, the marketer needs to find relevant keywords that are being searched by customers and are also related to your application. With a combination of different keywords, one can actually improve the ranking of their application during an app store search.

Conversion Rate Optimization

In CRO, we are basically optimizing different aspects of content that is being displayed on the content page. We are basically talking about App Assets like icons, Preview Video, Screenshot, etc. If all of this content is optimized then it makes your application more intriguing, therefore, it leads to more conversions. In fact, Google Play provides a tool for A/B testing. Also, one thing that the marketers need to keep in mind is the fact that ASO will differ for different countries.

Pros of App Store Optimization

  • It helps in improving the overall visibility of your application.
  • It is quite cost-effective.
  • It affects the rate of download and traffic to a decent degree.
  • Helps in locating the keywords that are essential for having a better 

Cons of App Store Optimization

  • This requires your constant watch and the marketer needs to adapt to the fluctuation.
  • It is a little difficult to implement if you intend to do it thoroughly.
  • This is only possible with a whole lot of data.

Social Media Marketing

There are so many social media sites today’s date. A lot of these companies help you connect with your peers. Although, a lot of marketers see them as opportunities to market their products to a decent number of people. Some of the best social media platforms that can be considered are Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. In fact, there are so many marketers who are even using WhatsApp API to market their applications and improve their business communication. 

Pros of Social Media Marketing

  • It caters to a large audience.
  • If you are going for paid promotions then it is the fastest way to reach your desired customers.
  • It improves your application’s trust and credibility.
  • It improves brand loyalty.

Cons of Social Media Marketing

  • Requires a whole lot of creativity to keep a consistent customer base.
  • It can actually take quite a lot of time if you are not paying for promotion.
  • The return on investment takes a whole lot of time.
  • There is no control over the reviews and ratings.
  • It can sometimes dilute the voice of your brand.

Paid Promotions

There are multiple ways one can get more customers if they are willing to pay a consistent amount on a regular basis. One of the most traditional ways to do it is by using Television. It is something that has been implemented by many big companies. Although, it is quite expensive. On the contrary, one can also use Google Adwords and make a relevant keyword rank as per its CPC or CPR model. This can also be used for competitive keywords that can provide a higher return. There are paid social media campaigns that one can take advantage of. In total there are more than 10 paid social media ways using which one can market their applications.

Pros of Paid Promotion

  • It is able to reach a decent number of people.
  • There are multiple formats to use.
  • A lot of paid promotion affects your organic promotion.
  • There are multiple choices of ads in terms of size and scalability that are available.

Cons of Paid Promotion

  • It can be a little expensive for small businesses and startups.
  • Sometimes it can go to waste.
  • Small businesses have to outperform in terms of bidding considering large companies bid higher for high volume search keywords.


Lastly, it is important to say that there is more than one way you can market your application(that was the title itself…duh). Although, it’s important to understand that a successful marketing campaign revolves around different strategies. Strategies that work in close coordination and unison to provide more and more exposure. Also, the end goal of any marketing campaign is to drive as much organic traffic as possible at the end of the day.

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