How to Market Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

If you work in real estate, it’s not enough to be a great agent, you also have to be a great marketer. The right marketing tools will help you reach out to more buyers and sellers so you can grow your business.

If you are a licensed real estate agent, you probably already have the real estate part down, but if you’re still struggling with marketing, this article can help. Read on to find out valuable tips on how to market yourself as a real estate agent. 

Make a Great Website

In today’s digitally based world, your website will usually work as the first impression people get of your business…so it better be good!

Your website should have a professional design and it should be easy to navigate. It should not overwhelm visitors with ads. It should be updated with the latest content including current listings and relevant articles. 

It’s also important for your site to load quickly and to be formatted to work with mobile and desktop devices. This will make it a convenient resource for all types of users, and it will help boost your SEO rankings. 

To make sure you are putting your best foot forward, it is advisable to call in a professional for your website design needs.

Include an Engaging Blog

When it comes to attracting clients, blogs are very effective. A blog offers engaging content that will establish you as a leader in your industry.

When writing blogs, provide valuable information that people need. For instance, if it’s a seller’s market, create a blog that offers advice on buying a home in a seller’s market. When people see you are knowledgeable in this field, they will be more likely to hire you when they are looking to buy and the odds are against them.

Other topics can include anything from trends in the housing market to interior design tips. Keep it fun and informative to bring in more potential clients. 

When creating a blog, make it easy to read and enlightening. Include the right amount of keywords and images. This will help your website appear on the top of search engines when people are looking for relevant real estate services

Take Advantage of Social Media

It goes without saying that, no matter what type of business you’re in, if you’re not on social media, you’re missing out big time. 

With so many platforms out there, it may be difficult to find the one that’s right for you. 

Generally, when it comes down to finding the right platforms, realtors should consider the big four which are as follows: 

  • Facebook: Facebook is a great resource for publishing posts, sharing links and going live to host workshops and walkthroughs. One of the most effective things you can do as a realtor is start a Facebook group. Instead of making it about you, make it about an engaging subject pertaining to the industry and use the group to post information that will establish you as a thought leader.
  • Instagram: Images and videos will be the star of your Instagram posts. Use the platform to post pictures of the houses you are showing as well as funny memes and meaningful quotes (with the text put directly in the window of the picture). Include real estate-related hashtags to boost your reach. 
  • Twitter: Twitter allows you to post short snippets of the text so it is not the best platform for sharing information, but you can accompany posts with an image or video that will help to tell your story. Be sure to include relevant hashtags here as well.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is more of a B2B platform, but it is still a great social network for realtors who sell both commercial and domestic property. You may be able to find business owners looking for a new property or discover people looking for a home.

Reach Out Via Email

Email is an effective tool that can be used to expand your client base. You can send out emails that contain valuable real estate-related information or they can inform your contacts about the new listings you are showing.

To make your emails as effective as possible, personalize them. Include your customer’s name and send them information and listings you know they will be interested in. 

Use attention-getting subject lines and engaging content. As a blog, the email should be scannable, easy to read, and contain great-looking images. 

When sending out emails, the more people you reach, the better.

A good way to grow your email list is to offer a free resource on your landing page. For instance, you can provide free access to a white paper on the real estate industry in exchange for their contact info. 

Once you have a way to reach them, you can keep in touch providing them with useful information and news about your business. 

Provide 3D Experiences

Most clients will want to have a good idea of what a house is like before they check it out in person. You can do this with professional photography, but it is ideal to provide a 3D experience. This will make clients feel like they are actually walking through the property giving them a good idea of what they can expect. 

The best tool for providing a 3D experience is a Mattersport 3D camera. The camera works to put together a 3D dollhouse effect that the home buyers can fly through so he or she gets a better understanding of what the property has to offer.  

If you don’t want to splurge on the technology, you may consider simply putting together your own video walkthrough of the house. The video doesn’t have to be particularly high end or fancy. As long as the client can see what the property looks like, it should do the trick. Check more info for home buyers.

Install Google Analytics

When setting up a website, you will want to install Google Analytics. This tool will measure metrics and how they relate to your content and visitors. It will let you know what’s bringing people to your site, what articles and pages are getting the most hits, how long people are staying on your site and more. 

Once you figure out what’s working best, you can go from there to tweak content and provide more of what’s getting hits while eliminating what’s not as effective.

You can be the best realtor in the world, but if you’re not taking advantage of the right marketing strategies, your business will fall short. The tips in this article will help you reach more people so you can get more sales under your belt. Good luck reaching your goals in the coming year. 

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