COVID-19 Has Changed the Marketing Strategies: Top 5 New Trends

In COVID-19, the most frequently asked question of marketers is the strategies that would benefit the company to grow. Of course, in the circumstances of isolation, closure, and other effects of a pandemic, it is quite difficult to grow the business.

It is more difficult for small business owners or newcomers because they have invested heavily, but the pandemic does not allow them to achieve enough.

The biggest challenge for brands in this pandemic is to reach their customers easily. Many of the countries are spending SOPs to help companies maintain their economies, while some have not responded seriously to the pandemic, which is also having a negative impact on business and the economy.

According to a survey by SurveyMonkey, about 92% of US citizens are concerned about the impact of COVID on their businesses and economy.

However, this article discusses some of the tips for creating potential strategies for your business.

Tell your customers how your brand responds to a pandemic

First of all, you should know what things are required of your audience and how to provide them. Customers always want to have ease in buying the goods, but it depends on the brand how they do it. If they manage to provide their customers with the maximum service, the brand will get their sales back in this pandemic.

For example, if you make the online shopping feature available to your brand, people will be happy to buy your products while your business activities are maintained.

If your country’s policies allow you to open the shop, tell your customer how to follow the SOPs and what security measures you apply.

Marketers recognize customer trust as the best way to make your brand prominent. Customer relationship is more than price, as digital services come with the risk of substandard services.

Digital services of your company

Online sales have peaked as a result of the pandemic, with sales up 43% in the last three months, according to CMO surveys.

People stay at home to protect themselves from the coronavirus while shopping online at their favorite brands.

The digital experience and digital offers have changed the opinion of customers from traditional shopping to digital shopping, 84% of marketers agree.

Some 60.8% say they have moved assets into building clients for computerized interfaces, and 56.2% are changing their action plans to focus on advanced opportunities.

Speaking of digital marketing in this lock-down, people are more concerned about the use of social media these days. In this regard, digital marketing is one of the best marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing

In a survey, when asked by marketers about their company’s No. 1 marketing strategy, most of them responded with social media marketing.

They also talked about increasing brand value through social media as more people use social media in this epidemic. Social media is one of the most important tools to increase brand engagement with customers.

More than 85% of brands use social media to continue their marketing efforts through social media.

According to Statista, 3.6 billion people will use social media in 2020, which means that the social media platform is effective for marketing. Brands that have just been founded or are small need to increase their brand awareness to increase their business.

Social media marketing is considered the best place to increase brand awareness, especially during this epidemic.

Improvisation will increase your leadership

The coronavirus has surprised all business owners, especially marketers, but it has been beneficial for digital marketers. In marketing, the overall percentage of job losses is 9%, while it is expected to continue.

The leaked events have also taken marketers by surprise, as they were unaware and unprepared for these events. Many of the marketers plan to invest more in learning the way to improvise skills.

They are also investing heavily in shaping their skills, thinking potential, innovating, and running their business with a larger workforce.

Some of the marketers seem to see this situation as an opportunity to test their ability to increase sales and traffic. However, many of the marketers are also losing their opportunities, especially traditional marketers. This is because traditional marketing is not effective during the lockout.

Increase the ranking of your website

Website is the best way to increase your digital presence for your brand, but how about a website, but not for the ranking to work!

If you have made a website for your business, you will not realize until you perform optimization for search engines. You must watch your competitors and try your maximum to defeat them in the ranking.

The ranking of the website is possible through search engine optimization, which takes into account various factors: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, URL structure, backlinks, content marketing.


On-Page enhances your readability and search engine recognition while being practiced within your website.


Off-Page is practiced outside the site, but it creates references for your site. For example, guest posts, social media marketing.

URL structure

The URL structure should be easy to read.

Back Linking

Backlinks are the links that are placed on someone’s website but direct the user to your website. It is important because it also creates a link to your website, which is a good factor for search engines.

Uploading content free from plagiarism

Content marketing is important because it should be unique and optimized, and this is possible by being verified by a free plagiarism detector before it is published on the Internet.


These marketing strategies are intended for general purposes, but the best way to identify the most appropriate marketing strategies is to focus on your brand.

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