6 Important Questions to Help You Choose the Right Marketing Technologies

Every year, the amount of accessible marketing technologies seems to be tripling. For every pain point that your business might experience there are 10, 20, or even 30 marketing technology solutions waiting to share their pitch on how it can make you and your marketing team’s lives easier. 

If you check Chief MarTech’s Marketing Technology Landscape for 2019, and you will see more than 7,000 marketing automation technologies. That is a whole lot of solutions to choose from and it can quite overwhelming to sift through the techs. 

So, here are 6 important questions that can help you choose the right marketing technologies for your business.

Is it easy to use?

We have reached a development stage in business software which values intuitiveness rather than lots of features. Thus, your marketing software needs to cut the IT out of the equation, at a certain degree. 

Marketing teams need to have direct control of the software development, regardless of their levels of tech expertise. Thus, marketing technologies need to be easy and include features such as:

  • Simple text editing
  • Drag-and-drop layout
  • Quick reference asset management
  • Configurable role designation for team members

Is data the heart of the marketing tool?

You will hear it again and again: Marketing is a science. And data drives that scientific process, proving whether your audience is latching on to your message or ignoring it. 

If the marketing tool cannot measure results then find another platform. 

In general, marketing technology software needs to measure things such as:

  • What factors are most likely to convert leads
  • Where customers are in the sales funnel?
  • Bottlenecks in your marketing
  • The effectiveness of campaigns, content, and strategies
  • Areas that excite your audience

This year and the next, data is more important than ever. Ensure that you are well-equipped to handle a large amount of data to come over the next decades.

Can it identify silos while allowing make them work together?

Marketers need to work efficiently across different marketing departments. And the key here is a marketing technology platform that can understand and divides marketing strategies and disciplines while empowering every team to share content and data. 

A good marketing software should make clear distinctions between areas such as:

Silos are highly useful since they name and categorize every piece of the marketing puzzle. But they should also work together.

Is collaboration easy?

Communication across the company can be tricky. So, how does the marketing technology platform make it easier?

Collaboration among various teams is what makes a truly integrated platform useful. It combines content control and delivery, data analysis, and asset management with project management. 

The right technology should make collaboration so simple in ways such as:

  • Ability to designate roles
  • Sharing pieces of contents
  • Chatting on the page real-time
  • Simple sharing of assets
  • Assigning campaigns and tasks
  • Tracking actions taken by team members

Can it be integrated easily with other existing software?

Vendors usually try to box out the competition. However, integration is more crucial than ever. It allows you to work with more specialized software when the situation calls for it. 

Vendors and developers do their best to be a one-size-fits-all solution. However, a business will sometimes need something different and requires them to work with specialized software. 

As the new techniques hit the market, the ability to adapt rapidly by working with specialized platforms can be a huge benefit for your marketing plan.

What costs are involved?

You need to tally up everything, including the less tangible costs, in order to get a full picture of your investment. Figuring out what you have invested is an important step in calculating your ROI. Costs can include:

  • Licensing and setup fee
  • Broken contracts with previous vendors
  • Content migration from an old platform
  • Custom development
  • Training


Whether you are considering working with specialized vendors and developers or purchasing a suite, the list of questions from above should be able to help you choose the right marketing platforms for your brand.

About the author:

Maxwell Donovan is the writer of this article. He works for a Conference startup. His assignment is to discover the correct representatives and specialists for the meetings and different business occasions. These gatherings are profoundly sought after are a decent method to produce business leads. In the event that your organization additionally needs to arrange a gathering or a b2b meeting for your customers, it would be ideal if you be in contact with him right here.

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